The Pasture Harvest CheckSM estimates how much pasture you are harvesting. It can help determine whether you have the appropriate stocking rate and volume of supplements for your farm system and production targets.

Key Benefits

  • Pasture harvest tonnage
  • Optimum stocking rate
  • Supplement requirements to achieve production target

The Farm System CheckSM determines whether your feed supply matches cow demand and your production targets. It helps you maximise feed utilisation, optimise supplement response rate and improve the productivity of your farm.

Key Benefits

  • Optimum stocking rate
  • Efficiency of supplementary feed use
  • Milk production efficiency
  • Options for increasing production and profit


As dairy farm systems feed more supplements, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the diet is balanced for energy, crude protein and minerals. We can help you to achieve your production targets using pasture and the supplements you have on hand.

Key Benefits

  • Optimum supplement combination
  • Nutrient limits to production

Dairy farm run-offs are often under-utilised, the Run-off Efficiency CheckSM can help you determine how much drymatter you are harvesting from your run-off. Your local Pioneer Representative can also suggest ways you can increase its efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Total drymatter harvested
  • Crop options to increase drymatter yield


This check highlights whether your maize, pasture or cereal silage is well ensiled and identifies ways to decrease storage and/or feed-out losses that can save you money. 

Key Benefits

  • Improved silage quality
  • Reduced silage losses
  • Stack management

Feed pads are a significant investment. Your local Pioneer Representative can help you determine whether building a feedpad will pay dividends for you. 

Key Benefits

  • Feed pad cost benefit analysis
  • Feed pad layout and design

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