The Pioneer® brand products team and, your local merchant team and contractor are committed to helping maize grain and silage growers improve their productivity and profit. Together we offer a number of in-field services to help you achieve the most out of your investment in Pioneer® brand maize seed.


The Crop Nutrition CheckSM starts with the results of a soil test sample collected by your local merchant or fertiliser company representative.


Your local Pioneer Representative can assist with determining the appropriate type, rate and timing of fertiliser application, given individual paddock soil test results and crop yield targets.


Key Benefits

  • Type and amount of fertiliser required
  • Method and timing of fertiliser inputs
  • Green manure crop and organic fertiliser option
At the start of the season, we can work with your local merchant, contractor or herbicide company representative, to determine an appropriate weed control programme.


Crop checks prior to row cover can identify any weed problems and determine an appropriate post-emergence weed control programme if necessary.


Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive pre-emergence weed control programme
  • Comprehensive post-emergence weed control programme

The Crop Performance CheckSM takes place anytime between crop emergence and harvest. Your local Pioneer® brand products Representative will inspect your crop and complete a detailed Crop Performance CheckSM form which assesses a range of important factors that impact crop yield including plant population, plant spacing, weeds, insects, maize diseases and crop nutrient status.


If the Crop Performance CheckSM occurs near grain harvest, the assessment will include grain quality and a recommendation as to the ideal timing for grain harvest.


Key Benefits

  • Identifies factors that may negatively impact maize yield
  • Provides information and recommendations on ways to increase crop yields
  • Determines when a crop is ready to harvest

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