CRM 75

P7524 Graph P7524 Seed bag tag

Stands and delivers tonnes of

high energy feed

Growers recognise P7524 as a reliable hybrid producing impressive silage yields with high energy and digestibility.

P7524 combines strong drought tolerance and staygreen for a wide harvest window. It has striking appearance, being a very tall plant, with low ear placement and great standability.

Intermediate in maturity between 39V43 and 39G12, P7524 provides an exciting option for growers in New Zealand’s cooler high latitude or high altitude growing environments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM. These descriptions mainly feature product strengths. When choosing hybrids, also review carefully the trait ratings found in the table here. Contact your local Pioneer Area Manager or merchant representative for further advice.

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