CRM 107

P0725 Graph P0725 Seed bag tag

Great Performance With

Extraordinary Consistency.

Optimum Aquamax

Delivers exceptional yield stability for silage and grain in all warmer northern production regions.

Produces high grain content silage with excellent digestibility ratings that will drive milk production.

Optimum AQUAmax® drought tolerance provides resilience when it’s dry and yield responsiveness with favourable growing conditions.

Standability and notable staygreen provide a wide harvest window that contractors will appreciate. Companion with P0640, P0791 and P0891.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM. These descriptions mainly feature product strengths. When choosing hybrids, also review carefully the trait ratings found in the table here. Contact your local Pioneer Area Manager or merchant representative for further advice.

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