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Corporate farm uses high quality inoculated silage to boost production

Department of Corrections, Te Awamutu, 2005/06 season

High quality silages play a critical part in the success of Corrlands Waikeria dairy farm operation. Situated around Waikeria Prison, south of Te Awamutu, the farm provides inmate training in a full range of dairy management skills. Over recent years, Corrlands Waikeria was named a finalist in the Farm Manager section of the Fonterra Westpac Dairy Excellence Awards and it also won three major Waikato Ballance Farm Environmental Awards.

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Robust maize and amazing views make up for steep terrain

Luke Edwards, Maihiihi, Waikato, 2015/16 season

About 20 km inland from Otorohanga is the tiny settlement of Maihiihi which is home to Luke Edwards and his family. Luke is a 20% partner in his family's farm which he manages along with two full time staff. It consists of 220 ha of dairy, another 20 ha of pine, 12 ha for maize and some native bush.

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Northland winners feed Maize Silage all year round

Okaihau Pastoral Limited, Omapere, Northland, 2017/18 season

Joe and Jenima Foster were living in the city when they made the decision that they wanted to start a family and have a rural lifestyle for their children.

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Wobben family farming goal: No more imported feed

Roel & Diana Wobben, Rangiora, 2017/18 season

When Roel and Diana Wobben arrived from Holland 26 years ago with very little, they could not have imagined that they would end up living on their 600 ha dairy farm with three sons Carlo, Rick and Dylan and milking 1,800 Friesian cows per day.

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Maize silage is a real game changer

Fraser & Katherine McGougan, Taneatua, 2017/18 season

Fraser McGougan and his wife Katherine live on their 147 ha Willowvale farm in Taneatua which has been in Fraser’s family since 1898. Five years ago, they purchased the land from his parents and are currently milking 430 crossbreed cows with a total production of 160,000 kg of milksolids per annum.

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Diversity, adaptability and a “secret weapon” key to successful grain operation

Mark Fausett and Angela Thomasen, Morrinsville, 2017/18 season

He cites adaptability, diversification, loyal staff, self reliance, nutrient preservation and, as most successful businessmen have, a secret weapon that gives him a competitive edge. In Mark’s case it’s his partner Angela Thomasen along with long time friend Garry Fotheringham who have helped him expand from 40 ha of maize to a 450 ha operation in just 12 years.

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Twenty years of maize silage success

David and Maree Stewart, Cantebury, 2018/19 season

“Why change what isn’t broken?” is the philosophy behind the Stewart family’s successful 20 year relationship with Pioneer® brand products.

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Bumper maize crops never fail to impress

Todd and Christina Williamson, Pahiatua, 2018/19 season

While watching grass grow is an arguably dull pastime, Pahiatua dairy farming couple Todd and Christina Williamson say watching their maize grow is something quite different.

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Maize Silage increasingly valuable to Waikato farmers

Jenny Buckley and Dave van den Beuken, Cambridge, 2018/19 season

It’s hard to ignore the success Cambridge farming couple Jenny Buckley and Dave van den Beuken have had with Pioneer® brand maize silage.

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Low cost, high reward

Tom & Kathy Pow, Ruakaka, Northland, 2019/20 season

Northland farmers Tom and Kathy Pow are firm believers that working smarter is the way to succeed in the dairy industry.

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Fresh thinking, outstanding results

Wayne Taylor, Opiki, Horowhenua, 2019/20 season

Wayne Taylor's career on his family dairy farm has spanned three decades, but by no means is he feeling stale at work.

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Sustainable practices, long-term benefits.

Wynn & Tracy Brown, Matamata, Eastern Waikato, 2019/20 season

They may have been growing maize for the better part of 20 years, but that doesn’t mean Wynn and Tracy Brown have become complacent about its benefits.

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Craig and Kim Lynsky, Opunake, Taranaki, 2020/21 season

Taranaki dairy farmers Craig and Kim Lynskey have created a system that maximises pasture potential whilst incorporating supplementary feed to overcome summer feed deficits.

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Keith and Jeanette Trotter, Matakana, Auckland, 2020/21 season

Growing maize on farm has evolved into an activity that has far exceeded its original intended purpose, says Matakana dairy farmer Keith Trotter.

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Richard and Kirby Van Der Heyden, Tirau, Waikato, 2020/21 season

Resilience is arguably the most critical component to success in business and in life – and one Tirau dairy farming family is ensuring they cover both bases.

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Nathan and Catherine Simpson, Karamea, West Coast, 2020/21 season

To grow better and more feed in a smaller area is a goal that any qualitydriven farmer would strive for – and that’s exactly what West Coast dairy farmers Nathan and Catherine Simpson are doing.

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Ra Kanohi Amuri Ltd, Culverden, Cantebury, 2020/21 season

Sunshine is a critical factor in the growth and prosperity of plant life - so what better ingredient after which to name a thriving agricultural business?

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Peter Collins, Pareora, Canterbury, 2020/21 season

For Pareora dairy farmer Peter Collins, his return to growing maize has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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Award winning farm relies on maize

Richard and Nadine McCullough, Karapiro, Waikato, 2021/22 season

Forward thinking management practices coupled with a love of the land have helped Waikato farmers Richard and Nadine McCullough win the 2020 Dairy Business of the Year (DBOY).

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