Silage Inoculants

During silage making, bacteria ferment sugars producing acid which preserves the pasture or crop. Nutrient and energy losses occur during silage fermentation so silage is always slightly lower in feed value than the material which was ensiled. The type and number of silage making bacteria present in your pasture or crop will influence the amount of drymatter and nutrients you lose in the ensiling process.

Pioneer® brand inoculants provide patented strains of fermentation bacteria in ideal numbers for a fast, efficient fermentation. They help lock in nutrients and drymatter so your livestock can produce more milk or meat delivering a greater financial return from every tonne of pasture, cereal or lucerne you ensile.

Only Pioneer inoculants offer a complete range of benefits which include:

  • Products that improve fermentation quality increasing silage yield and quality.
  • Patented bacterial strains and crop specific products.
  • Comprehensive, global, product-specific research*.
  • Quality assurance with IS09001:2015 accredited quality control system.
  • Guaranteed bacteria levels on the label of every bottle.
  • Exclusive Appli-Pro® inoculant applicator technology for more consistent and precise inoculant application.
  • Extensive local technical back-up including Forage Specialists, Animal Nutritionists and a Veterinarian.

* Trial results available on request.

Water soluble or granular inoculants?

For best results, silage inoculants must be evenly applied to the crop. For higher drymatter silage, inoculant applied in water soluble form works more efficiently than if applied in granular form14.

To order your Pioneer® brand inoculants contact your local merchant representative and contractor today.


14Whiter and Kung. 2001. J. Dairy Sci. 84:2195-2202.