Maize Management

Plan ahead

  • Book in your contractor
  • Order silage making suplies i.e. inoculant, cover and tape

Harvest management

  • Harvest your crop at 30-38% whole plant drymatter
  • Aim for a maize chop length of 10-15 mm
  • Use a plant processor to ensure all kernels are broken into at least 4 pieces.

Pioneer® brand inoculant

  • Use the guide on the next page to select the best Pioneer silage inoculant
  • Choose a contractor that will apply Pioneer inoculant at harvest time


  • Spread each load into 100-150 mm layers
  • Compact until the silage surface is firm


  • Cover with a high quality plastic cover
  • Tape the joins
  • Seal the edges with sand or lime
  • Ensure tyres are touching one another right across the stack

Maize silage analysis

  • Collect a representative silage sample
  • Send to laboratory for feed quality testing


Feeding out

  • Keep the stack or bunker face tight throughout the feed-out period
  • Remove loose material each day