Locking Pasture Nutrients In

Harvest at the correct time

  • Harvest no later than 35-40 days after the last grazing or when a maximum of 10% of the ryegrass seed heads have emerged
  • Wilt to at least 28% drymatter for stacked silage or 30% drymatter for bales*

Add Pioneer® brand inoculant

  • Use the guide on the next page to select the best Pioneer® brand inoculant for your silage
  • Ensure that your contractor applies Pioneer® brand inoculant at harvest time


  • For stacked silage, spread into 100-150 mm layers and compact until the surface is firm (>220 kgDM/m3)


  • Use a high quality plastic cover and weigh it down with tyres that are touching
  • Seal the edges with sand or lime
  • For baled silage use quality plastic and the recommended number of wrap


  • Handle bales carefully to avoid puncturing the wrap
  • Mend holes that develop in the silage cover or bale wrap immediately


*Some balers may require higher drymatter levels for baling.