Pasture, cereal and lucerne inoculants

Forage crops such as pasture, lucerne and cereal contain valuable nutrients that your animals use to produce milk or meat. Don't let them get away. The Pioneer® brand inoculant range includes proven products that reduce nutrient and drymatter losses, delivering more milk or meat from every tonne of silage you make.

Use the table on the next page to choose the right Pioneer® brand inoculant for your pasture, cereal or lucerne silage this spring.

Only Pioneer inoculants offer a complete range of benefits which include:

  • Products that improve fermentation quality, increasing silage yield and quality
  • Patented bacterial strains and crop specific products
  • Comprehensive, global, product-specific research1
  • Quality assurance with IS0 9001:2015 accredited quality control system
  • Guaranteed bacteria levels on the label of every bottle
  • Exclusive Appli-Pro® inoculant applicator technology for more consistent and precise inoculant application
  • Extensive local technical back-up including Forage Specialists, Animal Nutritionists and a Veterinarian

1Trial results available on request.