Silage making supplies

Ask your contractor if they will be providing silage making supplies (i.e. a high quality cover, tape for the joins and silage inoculant). If you are responsible for procuring these items ensure they are on farm well before harvest time. Silage inoculant requirements for a range of crop yields and drymatter are shown in Table 2.


Table 2: Pioneer® brand inoculant requirements per ha (small bottles - treat 50MT) for a range of crop yields and drymatter percentages.
Crop yield (tDM/ha) Harvest drymatter percentage (%DM)
   30 32 
20 1.3 1.3  1.2 1.1
22 1.5 1.4  1.3  1.2
24  1.6  1.5 1.4  1.3
26 1.7 1.6 1.5 1.4
28 1.9 1.8 1.6 1.6

Access from crop to storage area

Discuss with your contractor where the silage will be stacked and who will do the stack work. Where required widen gateways, culverts and races to allow safe and easy access for the silage harvester and the trucks or tractors and trailers that will cart the silage to the stack. Check overhead electric fence, power wires and tree branches have plenty of clearance for these large machines.