Pasture Inoculant profit calculator

Pasture Inoculant Profit Calculator

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Return on investment from inoculating with Pioneer® brand 1127 1, 2

Milksolids price ($/kg)
Area of pasture to harvest (ha)
Estimated pasture silage yield (tDM/ha)
Estimated harvest drymatter %
Total wet tonnes to harvest (t)

Inoculant Options Untreated 1127
Estimated inoculant cost per tonne
Drymatter recovery
Feedable pasture silage
Milk per tonne of pasture silage fed (litres)
Total milk produced (litres)
Milk price ($/litre)
Gross income
Less total inoculant cost ($)
Net income ($)
Increased return from inoculating ($) n/a
Return per $1 invested in inoculant ($) n/a

1Compared with an untreated control.
2Milk production per tonne of pasture silage fed is based on three independant dairy cow feeding trials (Vaitikunas W. 1992. University Gotteingen, Germany; Yan and Patterson. 1995. Agrictural Research Institute of Northern Ireland). Trial results available on request.


tDM/ha = tonnes of drymatter per hectare

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