Lucerne Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I plant Pioneer® brand lucerne?

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont business, has made a significant investment in developing new and improved lucerne varieties. Each year lucerne researchers harvest more than 30,000 test plots worldwide to measure product and parental performance in various environments. Pioneer uses its elite germplasm to select varieties that provide high-yield potential, excellent forage quality and outstanding pest and disease resistance.

In New Zealand Pioneer® brand lucerne seed is supported by a team of Area Managers who can help you grow a high yielding crop and Forage Specialists and Animal Nutritionists who can help you harvest and feed it. Together our sales support team ensures that you get the most out of your investment in Pioneer® brand lucerne seed.

Is Pioneer® brand 54V09 suitable for grazing?

Pioneer® brand 54V09 is a winter dormant variety with a low crown and excellent disease resistance. This makes it suitable for grazing as well as the production of silage and high-quality hay.