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    Northland & South Auckland
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1. Northland & South Auckland

No-till maize for lifestyle & proven returns

Paul Bamforth, Ruawai, Northland, 2021/22 season

Paul Bamforth’s 380 ha farm at Ruawai has had a varied history over the past 50 plus years. When Paul’s father purchased the property in 1965 it was running sheep and beef, but he changed to farming bull beef with some vegetable cropping before converting to dairy. When Paul returned to the farm in 1998 having completed an agricultural degree at Massey, the farm was moved back into producing bull beef.

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Maize Crop a Key Part of Business Diversity

Isaac and Ashley Higham, Helensville, Auckland, 2020/21 season

A farming business with diverse income streams is advantageous in times when New Zealand primary industries experience natural ebbs and flows.

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Maize for grain an excellent income stream

Paul & Susannah Ambler, Waimamaku, Northland, 2019/20 season

As there are no guarantees in farming, having alternative income streams makes a lot of sense for today’s progressive farming businesses.

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Four generations watching over the maize

David & Adrienne Wordsworth, Northland, 2017/18 season

David Wordsworth’s father and uncle started out growing maize and barley for their pig farm near Te Kopuru on the Pouto Peninsula just south of Dargaville. To store the feed for the pigs they purchased the disused grain drying and storage facility in Dargaville. David remembers growing grain was “all the rage” back in the 1970s. However, farm systems changed and grain area decreased over the next few decades.

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Maize grain diversifies sheep and beef farm income

Donald & Craig Stobie, Gordonton, Waikato, 2012/13 season

Maize grain is a new addition to Waikato farmers Donald and Craig Stobie's cropping and beef and lamb finishing operation. The brothers, along with their families and parents Duncan and Lorraine, farm 440 ha of peat country near Gordonton.

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Diversification into maize grain provides income stability

Shawn and Tracey Nichols, Waihue, Dargaville, 2010/11 season

Diversifying their farming business has helped provide income stability for Northland farmers Shawn and Tracey Nichols. The couple run a 404 ha livestock and cropping property at Waihue 6 km north of Dargaville. Each season they contract winter graze around 300 dairy cows and 200 in-calf dairy heifers, as well as 300 of their own cross-bred steers.

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Maize helps develop Maori Trust land

Vaughan and Amanda Going, Northland, 2009/10 season

Moving from the professional international rugby scene to developing land and growing maize in Northland has provided a new set of challenges for maize grain grower Vaughan Going.

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Maize increases income for Maori Trust farm

Pouto Topu A Trust, Northland, 2008/09 season

Pioneer® brand maize for grain and silage provides an additional income stream for the Pouto Topu A Trust Farm, situated at Pouto on the North Kaipara Penninsula, 60 km south of Dargaville.

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Maize for grain delivers lifestyle benefit

Grant and Pauline Taylor, Northland, 2007/08 season

Maize growing has brought major lifestyle benefits for Northland farmers Grant and Pauline Taylor. The Taylors along with children Suzannah (18), Theo (17), Aidan (15) and Claudia (10) farm at Mititai just south of Dargaville.

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Maize answers call of the deep blue

Neville Seward, North Auckland, 2006/07 season

Blue water ocean sailing is a long way from the land based business of growing maize, but because of the flexibility maize offers, South Head grower Neville Seward can follow another of his passions. Offshore yacht racing sees Neville tacking out across the South Pacific on his 60 foot racer "Light Speed" in a number of different events every year.

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Grain growing driven by vision and scale

Colin MacKinnon, Bay of Plenty and South Auckland, 2005/06 season

Large scale maize grower Colin MacKinnon has spread his cropping risk between two provinces, and in doing so has become one of New Zealand's largest grain growers.

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Growing maize for grain spreads risk between regions and crops

Don and Shane Morrow, South Auckland, 2005/06 season

In the risky world of market gardening Pukekawa onion growers Don and Shane Morrow have found maize grain is a crop that plays a stable and valuable economic role in crop rotation.

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Returns and flexibility fit on South Head

Nigel and Shirley Wood, Northland, 2005/06 season

A quiet cropping revolution is taking place on the thin finger of South Kaipara Head, and farmers Nigel and Shirley Wood are glad to be part of it.

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Grain plant purchase built on faith

David and Adrienne Wordsworth, Te Kopuru, 2004/05 season

The satisfaction David Wordsworth gets from growing maize is heightened now he owns the next step in the processing chain.

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Maize for grain operation yields profit with lower risk

Ashley Thomas, South Auckland, 2003/04 season

A steady return with relatively low capital input makes maize grain growing integral to Ashley Thomas's land redevelopment programme. Maize grain has not only helped develop the land near Mercer, it provides a return that is steadier and less capital intensive than what his market gardening peers contend with up the road at Bombay.

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