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3. Coastal BOP, Gisborne & Northern Hawke's Bay

What it take to win the Paul Baker Cup

Stuart Gray, Patutahi, Gisborne, 2021/22 season

Gisborne cropping and drystock farmer Stuart Gray was the national winner of the 2020 Pioneer Maize for Grain Yield Competition and the inaugural recipient of the Paul Baker Memorial Yield Cup. His winning strip of P0937 delivered 23.27 t/ha, the highest ever recorded since the inception of the Pioneer yield competition in 1999.

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Maize grain key component of farm succession plan

David & Joanne Phillips, Tuki Tuki Valley, Hawke's Bay, 2019/20 season

Pioneer maize grain is a key component of the farm succession plan for the Phillips family, providing both an alternative income stream and a nutritious feed for livestock.

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Organic maize a key element in Hastings farming operation

Mike Glazebrook, Hastings, 2018/19 season

A Hawke’s Bay farming operation is certainly not short on feathers in its cap – and the potential to become an authority in the future of the organic maize industry.

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The Ferkins Family

Ferkins Family, Poverty Bay, 2015/16 season

A move from town to the country marked the start of a successful farming business for the Ferkins family.

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Guy and Isobel Nicol

Guy and Isobel Nicol, Eastern Bay of Plenty, 2015/16 season

More than 45 years ago Bay of Plenty farmers Guy and Isobel Nicol grew their first maize crop. Today the couple, along with their son Grant, plant more than 1,000 ha of maize for grain and silage from Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty through to Waihau Bay on the East Cape.

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From dairy cows to maize grain

Paul & Susan Steele, Nuhaka, Northern Hawke's Bay, 2014/15 season

While the last few decades have seen the conversion of significant areas of arable land to dairying, Northern Hawke's bay farmers Paul and Susan Steele chose to go in the opposite direction when they sold their dairy farm to grow maize.

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Pioneer® Brand hybrids deliver consistent results

Bernard Cranswick, Te Karaka, Poverty Bay, 2011/12 season

The purchase of 40 ha of arable land five years ago marked the beginning of a career change for Poverty Bay maize grain grower Bernard Cranswick, who previously operated a transport company for 25 years.

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Maize spreads workload and utilises equipment

Stuart Mawley, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, 2010/11 season

Maize for grain provides additional income whilst spreading the workload for Hawke's Bay grower and contractor Stuart Mawley. Stuart runs Te Mata Contractors Ltd which plants and harvests maize for local growers as well as process crops including tomatoes, sweetcorn and beetroot for Heinz Wattie's Ltd.

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35 years growing maize grain

Tom and Amanda Newman, Waipaoa, East Coast, 2010/11 season

Tom and Amanda Newman and sons George (9) and Charlie (7) farm 400 ha at Waipaoa, 25 km north of Gisborne. The farm operates as a family partnership in conjunction with Tom's parents Bill and Lee Newman. Tom is the third generation of the Newman family to farm the land since his grandfather purchased it in 1937.

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Improved genetics and better weed control key to increasing maize grain yields

Powdrell Services Ltd, Northern Hawke's Bay, 2009/10 season

Improved maize genetics and better weed control have allowed long-term Northern Hawke's Bay maize growers Ewan Powdrell, his father Rowley and local farmer Michael Thomas to keep increasing their maize grain yields.

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Growing maize provides a relaxed lifestyle

Rob and Brigitta Simpson, Bay of Plenty, 2009/10 season

Bay of Plenty grower Rob Simpson planted his first maize crop 24 years ago after his interest was sparked by his father's involvement with a company that was marketing maize grain at the time.

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Poverty Bay grain crop yields over 20 tonnes dry per hectare

Brian Amor, Gisborne, 2008/09 season

An outstanding Pioneer® brand 34B97 strip trial yield of 20.01 t/ha saw Poverty Bay maize grower Brian Amor win the 2008 Pioneer Maize for Grain Yield Competition.

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Isolated maize cropping provides income - and a challenge

Neil Rogers, East Coast and Bay of Plenty, 2008/09 season

Cropping some of the most isolated maize-growing land in the country provides an income as well as a challenge for Poverty Bay-based Neil Rogers. Neil grows maize on 500 ha of lease land in 15-20 blocks located from Te Kaha through to Tolaga Bay, a distance of more than 200 km.

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Growers' skills deliver quality seed maize

Frank and David Briant, Poverty Bay, 2006/07 season

Mutual respect and strong friendships underpin many of the relationships between Pioneer® brand seeds and the Company's maize growers. This is particularly so with the Company's seed growers, a select group of Gisborne farmers upon whom much of the New Zealand maize industry relies.

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Technology and genetics drive crop performance

Doherty Family, Bay of Plenty, 2006/07 season

A combination of passion, technology and technique has kept Mick Doherty growing maize for over 40 years, and that passion for the crop now continues with the involvement of his son Andrew.

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Brownrigg Agriculture - three time champion!

Brownrigg Agriculture, Hawke's Bay, 2005/06 season

Getting the basics right has been the simple but effective secret behind Brownrigg Agriculture's success as Hawke's Bay's largest maize grower. The Company grows up to 800 hectares of maize on land it owns and leases around the Bay, and which has been built up by the hard work of two brothers, Jonathan and David Brownrigg.

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Maize meets challenges of East Coast

Neil Rogers, East Coast, 2005/06 season

Despite maize being a low risk crop offering healthy returns, the East Coast provides its share of challenges to the crop and growers. The 2005-06 season was no exception.

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Talents combine to boost family business

Power Grain, Eastern Bay of Plenty, 2005/06 season

The appeal of combining personal skills and growing the family business was the catalyst for Cameron Power and his brother-in-law Evan Murphy to return to their family maize growing enterprise Power Grain based in Whakatane.

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Maize growing and history go hand in hand

Guy and Isobel Nicol, Opotiki, 2004/05 season

With a quarter of a century of maize grain growing behind them, Guy and Isobel Nicol have a history all of their own in the industry.

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