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No-till maize for lifestyle & proven returns

Paul Bamforth, Ruawai, Northland, 2021/22 season

Paul Bamforth’s 380 ha farm at Ruawai has had a varied history over the past 50 plus years. When Paul’s father purchased the property in 1965 it was running sheep and beef, but he changed to farming bull beef with some vegetable cropping before converting to dairy. When Paul returned to the farm in 1998 having completed an agricultural degree at Massey, the farm was moved back into producing bull beef.

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What it take to win the Paul Baker Cup

Stuart Gray, Patutahi, Gisborne, 2021/22 season

Gisborne cropping and drystock farmer Stuart Gray was the national winner of the 2020 Pioneer Maize for Grain Yield Competition and the inaugural recipient of the Paul Baker Memorial Yield Cup. His winning strip of P0937 delivered 23.27 t/ha, the highest ever recorded since the inception of the Pioneer yield competition in 1999.

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Passion for Maize "Hobby" Pays Dividends

Kevin & Lynette Wing, Tauhei, Waikato, 2020/21 season

The satisfaction of sowing, growing and harvesting his own maize crop has kept Matamata-Piako cropping farmer Kevin Wing occupied in his spare time for the past 14 years – and the evolution from hobby to successful income stream has given him “a real buzz”.

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Maize Crop a Key Part of Business Diversity

Isaac and Ashley Higham, Helensville, Auckland, 2020/21 season

A farming business with diverse income streams is advantageous in times when New Zealand primary industries experience natural ebbs and flows.

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Organic maize a key element in Hastings farming operation

Mike Glazebrook, Hastings, 2018/19 season

A Hawke’s Bay farming operation is certainly not short on feathers in its cap – and the potential to become an authority in the future of the organic maize industry.

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Fifth generation Wanganui farming family continues passion for maize

Rob & Sarah Craig, Wanganui, 2018/19 season

A family farm with a rich history in maize cropping is showing no sign of slowing down its supply of maize for grain and silage to local farmers.

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Diversity, adaptability and a “secret weapon” key to successful grain operation

Mark Fausett and Angela Thomasen, Morrinsville, 2017/18 season

He cites adaptability, diversification, loyal staff, self reliance, nutrient preservation and, as most successful businessmen have, a secret weapon that gives him a competitive edge. In Mark’s case it’s his partner Angela Thomasen along with long time friend Garry Fotheringham who have helped him expand from 40 ha of maize to a 450 ha operation in just 12 years.

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Relishing the challenge of growing good maize

Paul and Ruth Carter, Wanganui, 2017/18 season

His introduction to the world of crop growing began back in 1974 when he was a contractor with a combine harvester. Then, eight years later, the opportunity came along to buy his family farm near Marton which was a livestock finishing operation that also grew wheat, barley and maize. After a few years it became obvious to Paul that maize was a more consistent crop to grow year on year and the returns were better than wheat or malting barley. “I just really enjoyed the challenge of growing good maize and still do.”

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Four generations watching over the maize

David & Adrienne Wordsworth, Northland, 2017/18 season

David Wordsworth’s father and uncle started out growing maize and barley for their pig farm near Te Kopuru on the Pouto Peninsula just south of Dargaville. To store the feed for the pigs they purchased the disused grain drying and storage facility in Dargaville. David remembers growing grain was “all the rage” back in the 1970s. However, farm systems changed and grain area decreased over the next few decades.

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The Ferkins Family

Ferkins Family, Poverty Bay, 2015/16 season

A move from town to the country marked the start of a successful farming business for the Ferkins family.

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The Fleming Family

The Fleming Family, Palmerston North, 2015/16 season

Three generations of the Fleming family are running a successful contracting, grain drying and processing business which started 60 years ago.

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Murray and Margaret Hart

Murray and Margaret Hart, Waikato, 2015/16 season

Waikato couple Murray and Margaret Hart have been involved with Pioneer® brand maize seed right from the early days when Yates was producing seed maize in the Waikato.

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Guy and Isobel Nicol

Guy and Isobel Nicol, Eastern Bay of Plenty, 2015/16 season

More than 45 years ago Bay of Plenty farmers Guy and Isobel Nicol grew their first maize crop. Today the couple, along with their son Grant, plant more than 1,000 ha of maize for grain and silage from Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty through to Waihau Bay on the East Cape.

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Organic maize for free-range poultry production

Ben Bostock, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, 2014/15 season

An interest in organic farming, combined with a desire to build a livestock business where he had control from paddock to plate, led Hawke's Bay farmer Ben Bostock to establish Bostock's organic free range chicken.

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Maize grain delivers consistent returns

Brendon & Rachel Williams, Marton, Rangitikei, 2014/15 season

Maize grain has provided Rangitikei growers Brendon and Rachel Williams with the opportunity to generate reliable returns, without the workload associated with their previous crop, potatoes.

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From dairy cows to maize grain

Paul & Susan Steele, Nuhaka, Northern Hawke's Bay, 2014/15 season

While the last few decades have seen the conversion of significant areas of arable land to dairying, Northern Hawke's bay farmers Paul and Susan Steele chose to go in the opposite direction when they sold their dairy farm to grow maize.

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Maize the basis for a growing business

Alan Brown, Richmond Downs, Waikato, 2014/15 season

Ten years ago Alan Brown purchased a small block of land and planted his first maize crop. Today he is growing 117 ha for grain and silage on a mix of owned and leased land and is also running an agricultural contracting business.

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Maize grain diversifies sheep and beef farm income

Donald & Craig Stobie, Gordonton, Waikato, 2012/13 season

Maize grain is a new addition to Waikato farmers Donald and Craig Stobie's cropping and beef and lamb finishing operation. The brothers, along with their families and parents Duncan and Lorraine, farm 440 ha of peat country near Gordonton.

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Corn-fed chicken a success story

Turk's Poultry Ltd, Foxton, Lower North Island, 2012/13 season

Corn-fed chicken is a wonderful success story for Turk's Poultry Ltd and the maize grain that feeds their birds represents a significant market opportunity for lower North Island growers.

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Maize - a valuable rotation crop

AS Wilcox and Sons, Matamata, Waikato, 2012/13 season

Maize forms an important part of the cropping rotation for AS Wilcox and Sons who specialise in growing, packing and distributing potatoes, onions and carrots for domestic and export markets.

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Manawatu brothers Rodger and Scott Jamieson

Rodger and Scott Jamieson, Manawatu, 2012/13 season

Manawatu brothers Rodger and Scott Jamieson have been feeding maize to their herds for the past four seasons and they are more than happy with the results.

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Maize is helping Waikato farmers Scott and Nikola Mitchell

Scott and Nikola Mitchell, Koromatua, Waikato, 2012/13 season

Maize is helping Waikato farmers Scott and Nikola Mitchell improve the quality of pastures on their lease block as well as providing valuable autumn feed for their herd.

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Pioneer® Brand hybrids deliver consistent results

Bernard Cranswick, Te Karaka, Poverty Bay, 2011/12 season

The purchase of 40 ha of arable land five years ago marked the beginning of a career change for Poverty Bay maize grain grower Bernard Cranswick, who previously operated a transport company for 25 years.

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Maize delivers excellent yields in Marlborough

The Jones Family, Seddon, Marlborough, 2011/12 season

Marlborough farmers Andrew and Bill Jones have been growing maize grain for the past three years. This year's crops have been established using vertical strip till and they are very enthusiastic about the results.

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