Maize Breeding

To deliver yield gains, Pioneer breeders across the world are making breeding advancements without using genetic modifications. Some of the latest developments include;

Superior products for grain end-use

Pioneer delivers more hybrid choices that target specific end-uses than any other seed company in the industry - high yielding agronomically sound hybrids that growers want to plant producing grain that end-users value. All Pioneer food-grade hybrids are characterised for traits that food processors demand, such as kernel texture, colour, size, and ear rot resistance. Hybrids available in New Zealand that produce food grade quality grain include P0891, P1253 and P1477W.

Optimum AQUAmax® hybrids

Maize hybrids that make the most of every drop.

Optimum AQUAmax® hybrids offer growers additional choices to help minimise risk and maximise crop productivity under drought stress. Developed and tested utilising Pioneer’s extensive drought breeding and testing network, including the use of managed water stress nurseries, followed by extensive evaluation in paddocks known to be drought-prone. Optimum AQUAmax® hybrids deliver a yield advantage when water is limited.

Simply stated Optimum AQUAmax® hybrids:

  • Maximise water access through an extended rooting system
  • Have plant characteristics such as prolific silking to ensure pollination
  • Help minimise the risk of decreased yields due to drought stress
  • Deliver yield stability in dry seasons

Click here to view the Maize for Grain Optimum AQUAmax® hybrids

Brown mid-rib (BMR) hybrids

BMR silage hybrids have been available in the USA for many years. While they have more digestible fibre, previously available BMR hybrids have not been popular with growers because they produce lower drymatter yields and generally have poorer agronomic performance. Pioneer have developed BMR silage hybrids that combine the BMR fibre digestibility advantage with excellent yields, high starch content, strong drought tolerance and a robust disease resistance package.

Nitrogen-use efficient hybrids

Hybrids with improved nitrogen use efficiency are being developed to produce more yield per unit of available nitrogen. Decreasing the amount of nitrogen needed per tonne of grain produced improves farmer profitability while reducing the environmental impact of nitrogen.

By planting Pioneer® brand maize seed in New Zealand, growers can be confident they are accessing the latest genetics and technologies enjoyed by many farmers around the world.