Choosing the right Pioneer® brand maize hybrids for grain

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CRM 80

P8000 Map

Versatile, Widely Adapted Stunner.

Delivers Top Grain Yields

P8000 is tall with low ear placement, strong roots and stalks for excellent eye appeal and improved standability in this maturity.

Growers will also note excellent staygreen and Northern Leaf Blight resistance.

P8000 has a chunky cob with deep dent grain for the production of top grain yields.

Destined to be widely grown in Lower North Island and South Island. Also provides an excellent balance of yield and earliness in northern growing regions.

Similar in maturity to 39G12 which it replaces for grain production.


P8000 Graph P8000 Seed bag tag

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM. These descriptions mainly feature product strengths. When choosing hybrids, also review carefully the trait ratings. Contact your local Pioneer representative or Merchant for further advice.