Consistent quality, palatable, safe to feed

Maize silage has a consistent high quality when compared to other New Zealand silages6 (Figure 2).

Since maize silage contains a mix of carbohydrates (mainly from the maize grain) and fibre (from the green parts of the plant), maize silage is safe to feed. In fact, overseas research has shown that as long as it is introduced slowly, beef cattle can eat more than 90% of their diet as maize silage (note that feeding rates will be influenced by cow nutritional requirements and the type and amount of other feeds in the ration).

Because it is palatable and safe to feed, maize silage can be fed at high rates during periods of severe feed shortage.*

Figure 2: New Zealand silage quality data showing maximum, minimum and average metabolisable energy content6

*Always introduce maize silage into the diet slowly.

6 Feedtech 2002. Personal Communication.