High drymatter yields

Growing maize for silage allows farmers to maximise the return from their high value dairy land by harvesting more drymatter from every hectare.

A replicated, two-year forage production trial conducted in the Waikato showed maize silage followed by a winter crop could produce an annual drymatter yield of over 38 tDM/ha2 (Figure 1).

Even on farms harvesting more than 15 tDM/ha of pasture each year, planting 20% of the farm area in maize silage can lift the overall farm drymatter yield by more than 15%.

Figure 1: Total annual drymatter yields for maize and a range of winter crop options (two year average data)2

*Trial did not include a pasture treatment.

2Densley, R.J.; Austin, G.M.; Williams, I.D.; Tsimba, R.; Edmeades, G.O. 2006. Maize Silage and winter crop options to maximise drymatter and energy for NZ dairy systems. Proceedings of the New Zealand Grassland Association 68:193-197.