Lift milk production and profit

Maize silage is the perfect partner to New Zealand’s high protein pastures providing consistent quality feed that will help to keep your cows milking well throughout the season.

Figure 3: Pasture and maize silage form the basis of a proven, profitable system

Maize silage allows farmers to:

Optimise stocking rate. Maize silage allows you to stock so that you can achieve a high pasture harvest even in a bumper pasture growing season. As pasture levels fluctuate you can feed maize silage to maintain animal intakes.

Fill feed deficits. By always having maize silage on-hand, you'll never be short of feed. This will allow you to fill feed deficits throughout the season and lift per cow production.

Extend lactation. Feeding maize silage in the autumn will allow you to increase the number of cow milking days while at the same time ensuring pasture cover and cow condition score targets are met.