Modern hybrid maize silage seeds have excellent yield stability allowing them to produce consistently high yields even under challenging growing conditions. This means that the cost per kilogram of drymatter of maize silage is relatively stable.

Always having a stack of maize silage on-hand allows dairy farmers to weatherproof their feed supply, providing reliable production, improved reproduction and greater peace of mind.

Maize silage that is well covered and sealed will maintain its quality for several seasons, providing cost-effective, quality feed when pasture growth rates are low.

With a feed buffer of maize silage on-farm there is no lead time to procuring supplements, it can be fed the instant that it is required.

Table 1: Typical cost of maize silage that has been stored 1 - 2 years*
Maize silage Initial feed cost (c/kgDM) Feed cost after 1 year @ 7.5% interest (c/kgDM) Feed cost after 2 years @ 7.5% interest (c/kgDM)
Grown on-farm* 11 - 21 11.6 - 22.1 12.1 - 23.2
Bought in 24 - 28 25.2 - 29.4 26.5 - 30.9

*On-farm growing costs do not take into consideration the amount of pasture that is lost while the maize crop is in the ground since both the amount of pasture, and its value varies between farms.