Simple and easy to use

Well managed farm systems use maize silage and the latest technology to simplify management and reduce workload.

Many farmers have reduced the labour input of their maize silage system through investing in:

  • a feed pad to minimise wastage and reduce feed-out time.
  • time saving feed-out machinery such as block cutters.
  • automatic gate latches to release the cows from the paddock so they can make their own way to the feed pad prior to milking.
  • Pioneer® brand 11C33 maize silage aerobic stability inoculant so that feed bins can be filled the day before*.

Farmers who are well set up to use maize silage comment that it takes less time to feed out maize silage than it does to chase cows to the milking shed each day. Others have also reported it is easier and quicker to feed minerals with maize than to drench or pasture dust them.

*While silage can be fed immediately after harvest, maximum aeribic stability gains will be made when it is fermented 30 days prior to feeding.