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    Northland, South Auckland, Coastal BOP, Gisborne, Northern Hawke's Bay
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1. Northland, South Auckland, Coastal BOP, Gisborne, Northern Hawke's Bay


Keith and Jeanette Trotter, Matakana, Auckland, 2020/21 season

Growing maize on farm has evolved into an activity that has far exceeded its original intended purpose, says Matakana dairy farmer Keith Trotter.

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Low cost, high reward

Tom & Kathy Pow, Ruakaka, Northland, 2019/20 season

Northland farmers Tom and Kathy Pow are firm believers that working smarter is the way to succeed in the dairy industry.

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Maize silage is a real game changer

Fraser & Katherine McGougan, Taneatua, 2017/18 season

Fraser McGougan and his wife Katherine live on their 147 ha Willowvale farm in Taneatua which has been in Fraser’s family since 1898. Five years ago, they purchased the land from his parents and are currently milking 430 crossbreed cows with a total production of 160,000 kg of milksolids per annum.

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Northland winners feed Maize Silage all year round

Okaihau Pastoral Limited, Omapere, Northland, 2017/18 season

Joe and Jenima Foster were living in the city when they made the decision that they wanted to start a family and have a rural lifestyle for their children.

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High yield maize ideal for small farm

Andrew & Robyn McLeod, Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, 2015/16 season

Water skiing and dairy farming might seem an odd combination but not for Andrew McLeod whose 127 ha farm is situated just a few kilometres south of beautiful Papamoa beach.

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Maize silage is a low cost feed, the cows never refuse it and there is very little wastage

Kevin and Linda Davidson, Waipawa, Hawke's Bay, 2015/16 season

Summer holidays on a farm near Warkworth in the 1970’s sparked an interest which has led to a 34 year farming career for Hawke’s Bay farmer Kevin Davidson.

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Maize saves time, secures feed supply

Carl and Glennis Flintoff, Tomarata, Wellsford, 2013/14 season

The purchase of a 65 ha farm at Tomarata, east of Wellsford was the realisation of a lifetime dream for Northland farmers Carl and Glennis Flintoff. Now the couple are focused on profitably increasing per cow production.

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Maori Trust grows business, generates returns

Otanemutu Trust, Opape, 2013/14 season

Carryover cows play a significant role in lifting pasture quality and production on Bay of Plenty based Otanemutu Lands Trust dairy farm.

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Award winning farm feeds maize

Anthony, Clare & Peter Giesbers, Northland, 2010/11 season

The right balance of profitability and sustainability helped Kaikohe farmers Anthony, Clare and Peter Giesbers win the Northland regional title in the 2012 Dairy Business of the Year Awards.

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Maize grain & maize silage maximise cow potential

Doug & Beth Leeder, Eastern Bay of Plenty, 2010/11 season

Feeding a combination of maize silage and maize grain helps Bay of Plenty farmers Doug, Beth and son David Leeder maximise the return on their investment in cows.

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More home-grown feed delivers more production

Kevin & Michele Alexander, Hukerenui, Northland, 2010/11 season

Kevin and Michele Alexander milk 340 Friesian cows on 148 hectares (eff) at Hukerenui in Northland. All cows are wintered on farm with calves and yearlings off-farm. Production in the 2010-11 season was 163,000 kgMS.

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Pasture renewal starts with maize

Cor and Christine Verwey, Te Puke, 2009/10 season

Maize silage, coupled with a pasture renewal programme, has allowed Cor and Christine Verwey to develop a simple but highly profitable farm system.

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Maize silage - The supplement of choice

Matt and Laura Gow, Edgecumbe, 2008/09 season

Maize silage is the supplement of choice for Bay of Plenty farmers Matt and Laura Gow. The Gows and daughters Kate (5) and Abby (4) milk 970 cows on 280 ha (eff.) near Edgecumbe. Last year, the farm produced 363,300 kgMS (1,298 kgMS/ha and 374 kgMS/cow) which was a great result given the very dry year.

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Maize provides production stability despite weather challenges

Brett and Tracey Mackay, Matauri bay, 2008/09 season

Trying to reduce the impact of the weather on milk production is a key challenge for Northland farmers Brett and Tracey Mackay. The Mackays, along with twins Sean and Chloe (7), milk a split calving herd of 170 Friesian and Friesian-cross cows on 65 ha (eff.) at Matauri Bay.

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Maize silage - integral part of wet farm's management strategy

Dean and Sharyn Petersen, Opotiki, 2007/08 season

Since leaving school Dean Petersen has climbed the ladder from farm worker to sharemilker and eventually farm owner. Today, Dean, wife Sharyn and their children Troy (14), Alana (13), Kayla (10) and Nicole (3) are farming 1,250 cows on three properties near Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty.

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Maize silage helping Northland farmers eradicate kikuyu

Keith and Jenny Trotter, Matakana, 2007/08 season

The challenge of eradicating kikuyu and bringing a new block into dairying led Northland farmers Keith and Jenny Trotter to grow maize silage for the first time in spring 2006.

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Maximise production by controlling feed supply

Graham and Julie Thompson, Papamoa, 2006/07 season

The desire to achieve more consistent production led Bay of Plenty farmers Graham and Julie Thompson to feed maize silage. "The seasons are so variable. Each year presents a different challenge and it is hard going when you are reliant on the weather to feed your cows," says Graham. "We have built a system that allows us to control our feed supply and we can decide at the start of the year what production level we want to achieve."

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Using maize silage as an insurance policy against the weather

Terence and Suzanne Brocx, Kerikeri, 2006/07 season

Terence and Suzanne Brocx farm a 440 cow split calving Friesian herd on 162 hectares (eff.) near Kerikeri. Last season they produced a total of 1,000 kgMS/ha and this year they are on target for 1,150 kgMS/ha (423 kgMS/cow).

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Maize silage keeps cows in milking condition

Kevin and Christine Tucker, Tapora, 2004/05 season

Feeding maize silage from June till the end of January helps maintain the body condition on Kevin and Christine Tucker?s stud Jersey herd. The Tuckers along with their daughter Katherine farm Kaycee Jersey Stud on 266 hectares at Tapora, a summer dry area located 35 kilometres west of Wellsford.

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Maize silage provides secure feed supply

Glen and Joanne Inger, Tapora, 2004/05 season

Dairy farming at Tapora on the edge of the Kaipara Harbour has delivered its share of challenges for Northland farmer Scott Freeman. Scott is Operations Manager of "Pine Hill" and "Harbour Edge" farms owned by Glen and Joanne Inger. The farms are located at Tapora, 30 kilometres west of Wellsford.

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Feed pad increases flexibility

Kevin and Felicity Clark, Waimana, 2004/05 season

Building a feed pad has not only reduced maize silage losses, but also provided increased feeding flexibility and "insurance" for Waimana farmers Kevin and Felicity Clark.

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Taking on the elements and winning

Ben and Sharon Smith, North Whangarei, 2003/04 season

A passion to farm family land despite its difficult environment and the need to maintain a sustainable farm business provides plenty of challenge to Northland farmers Ben and Sharon Smith. Along with their two pre-schoolers Caleb and Matthew, Ben and Sharon live and farm on the difficult flood prone country that makes up the Hikurangi Swamp, north of Whangarei.

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Maximising return from dairy operation

Ashley Thomas (Owner), Mercer, 2003/04 season

Buying his Mercer dairy unit from the family three seasons ago Ashley Thomas knew production had to jump to be viable for him and a sharemilker. "I had enough on my plate with our beef unit up the road, and we were growing maize so it was the best feed option."

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