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5. Nelson, Marlborough, North & Mid Canterbury


Ra Kanohi Amuri Ltd, Culverden, Cantebury, 2020/21 season

Sunshine is a critical factor in the growth and prosperity of plant life - so what better ingredient after which to name a thriving agricultural business?

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Maize integral in smart farming system

Hayden & Jessie Dorman, Rakaia, Canterbury, 2019/20 season

The multifaceted use of maize silage in Hayden and Jessie Dorman’s Rakaia dairy business fits well with their progressive stance on dairying.

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Switch to homegrown maize reaps rewards

Hayden & Line Ferriman, Hinds, Canterbury, 2019/20 season

Canterbury dairy farmers Hayden and Line Ferriman are no strangers to feeding maize on farm - but their decision to increase the amount to extend lactation and improve Body Condition Score has delivered some outstanding results.

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Year-round maize use, all-round improvements

Shanan & Debbie Wellman, Rai Valley, Marlborough, 2019/20 season

First-time farm owners often become the guardians of properties that need to be shown a little love - and Rai Valley couple Shanan and Debbie Wellman have incorporated maize into their system to do just that.

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Wobben family farming goal: No more imported feed

Roel & Diana Wobben, Rangiora, 2017/18 season

When Roel and Diana Wobben arrived from Holland 26 years ago with very little, they could not have imagined that they would end up living on their 600 ha dairy farm with three sons Carlo, Rick and Dylan and milking 1,800 Friesian cows per day.

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South Island farmer delivers impressive maize yield, despite tough climate

Phil and Jocelyn Riley, Wangapeka Valley, Tapawera, 2015/16 season

Farming in the Tasman district of the upper South Island is no easy feat because of the extreme weather. It has hot dry summers and early autumn frosts and, as Phil Riley has learned, you need to be prepared for anything the climate can throw at you.

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Maize silage and lucerne drive production

Mark & Kelsey Williams, Rolleston, Canterbury, 2014/15 season

Three seasons of dairying have delivered plenty of challenges for Canterbury couple Mark and Kelsey Williams and their children, Reeve (10) and Addison (7).

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More maize silage, less milk fever

Scott & Leone Evans, Oxford, North Canterbury, 2013/14 season

Maize silage, hay and pasture form the basis for a diet which has seen the number of clinical milk fever cases in Scott and Leone Evans’ herd drop from 100-200 cows to less than 10 each year.

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From deer to contract growing maize

Alister & Lee McFadden, Canterbury, 2013/14 season

The last decade has been one of change for Canterbury farmers Alister and Lee McFadden with the transition of their 262 ha farm from deer to dairy support.

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Maize secures feed supply

Nigel and Christine Morrison, Marlborough, 2013/14 season

A once-a-day dairy farm system has allowed Marlborough farmer Nigel Morrison the chance to pursue his other passion of running an agricultural contracting business which operates throughout one of the country’s most scenic regions.

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New conversion produces 550kgMS/cow

Bruce & Susan Turpie, Lyndhurst, 2011/12 season

A large-scale dairy conversion is creating a new income stream, as well as a steep learning curve for Canterbury farmers Bruce and Susan Turpie. The couple and their children Sarah (21), Georgina (17) and Richard (12) own 410 ha at Lyndhurst, 10 km east of Methven.

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Maize puts weight back on cows

Philip and Rose Windle, Takaka, 2008/09 season

Carbohydrates provided by maize silage help put weight back on cows, allowing Takaka sharemilkers Logan and Melissa Solly to achieve a long lactation length and high per cow and per ha production.

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Maize silage fills feed deficits

Andrew and Rachele Morris, Ealing, 2005/06 season

Andrew and Rachele Morris farm a 1,285 hectare property at Ealing on the terraces of the Rangitata river south of Ashburton. The milking platform for the 2005-2006 season comprised 650 hectares under centre pivot irrigation with the rest of the farm run as a beef and dairy support unit. This season the milking herd consisted of 2,500 spring calving and 200 autumn calving Friesian cross cows.

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Maximising lactation length

Greg and Rachel Roadley, Ashburton, 2004/05 season

Keeping production costs as low as possible by efficiently utilising pasture and maximising lactation length and milk production per cow is central to the business philosophy of Canterbury farmers Greg and Rachel Roadley.

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Using maize to double production

Steve and Jenny Garrett, Collingwood, 2003/04 season

Ten years of using maize silage has doubled the production of the Rockville Farm Company located near Collingwood at the top of the South Island.

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