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Maize farmers do the right thing

Jeff & Kelly Gould, Geraldine, Canterbury, 2021/22 season

A desire to “do the right thing” influences farming practice on Aberystwyth Dairies 300 ha farm near Geraldine in mid-Canterbury.

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Maize win-win for dairy farm and contract grower

Hopkins Farming Group, Opiki, Manawatu, 2021/22 season

A focus on maximising pasture yield, looking after staff and caring for the environment helped Waihora Farm win the Best Lower North Island Farm Performance and runner-up for Lowest Environmental Impact in the 2020 Dairy Business of the Year (DBOY) awards.

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Award winning farm relies on maize

Richard and Nadine McCullough, Karapiro, Waikato, 2021/22 season

Forward thinking management practices coupled with a love of the land have helped Waikato farmers Richard and Nadine McCullough win the 2020 Dairy Business of the Year (DBOY).

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Peter Collins, Pareora, Canterbury, 2020/21 season

For Pareora dairy farmer Peter Collins, his return to growing maize has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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Nathan and Catherine Simpson, Karamea, West Coast, 2020/21 season

To grow better and more feed in a smaller area is a goal that any qualitydriven farmer would strive for – and that’s exactly what West Coast dairy farmers Nathan and Catherine Simpson are doing.

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Keith and Jeanette Trotter, Matakana, Auckland, 2020/21 season

Growing maize on farm has evolved into an activity that has far exceeded its original intended purpose, says Matakana dairy farmer Keith Trotter.

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Craig and Kim Lynsky, Opunake, Taranaki, 2020/21 season

Taranaki dairy farmers Craig and Kim Lynskey have created a system that maximises pasture potential whilst incorporating supplementary feed to overcome summer feed deficits.

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Low cost, high reward

Tom & Kathy Pow, Ruakaka, Northland, 2019/20 season

Northland farmers Tom and Kathy Pow are firm believers that working smarter is the way to succeed in the dairy industry.

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Fresh thinking, outstanding results

Wayne Taylor, Opiki, Horowhenua, 2019/20 season

Wayne Taylor's career on his family dairy farm has spanned three decades, but by no means is he feeling stale at work.

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Maize Silage increasingly valuable to Waikato farmers

Jenny Buckley and Dave van den Beuken, Cambridge, 2018/19 season

It’s hard to ignore the success Cambridge farming couple Jenny Buckley and Dave van den Beuken have had with Pioneer® brand maize silage.

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Bumper maize crops never fail to impress

Todd and Christina Williamson, Pahiatua, 2018/19 season

While watching grass grow is an arguably dull pastime, Pahiatua dairy farming couple Todd and Christina Williamson say watching their maize grow is something quite different.

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Wobben family farming goal: No more imported feed

Roel & Diana Wobben, Rangiora, 2017/18 season

When Roel and Diana Wobben arrived from Holland 26 years ago with very little, they could not have imagined that they would end up living on their 600 ha dairy farm with three sons Carlo, Rick and Dylan and milking 1,800 Friesian cows per day.

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Maize silage is a real game changer

Fraser & Katherine McGougan, Taneatua, 2017/18 season

Fraser McGougan and his wife Katherine live on their 147 ha Willowvale farm in Taneatua which has been in Fraser’s family since 1898. Five years ago, they purchased the land from his parents and are currently milking 430 crossbreed cows with a total production of 160,000 kg of milksolids per annum.

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Northland winners feed Maize Silage all year round

Okaihau Pastoral Limited, Omapere, Northland, 2017/18 season

Joe and Jenima Foster were living in the city when they made the decision that they wanted to start a family and have a rural lifestyle for their children.

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South Island farmer delivers impressive maize yield, despite tough climate

Phil and Jocelyn Riley, Wangapeka Valley, Tapawera, 2015/16 season

Farming in the Tasman district of the upper South Island is no easy feat because of the extreme weather. It has hot dry summers and early autumn frosts and, as Phil Riley has learned, you need to be prepared for anything the climate can throw at you.

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I love the reliability of maize

Rex and Sharon Butterworth, Walton, Waikato, 2015/16 season

Waikato farmers Rex and Sharon Butterworth were the Waikato regional winners of the 2015 Dairy Business of the Year. The couple also won the Business Resilience Award, which was given to the farm with the lowest cost of production.

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Maize and irrigation make every summer a good summer

Jared and Francine Whittfield, Moutoa, Horowhenua, 2015/16 season

When Jared Whittfield says he lives on the family farm - he really means it. He lives there with his wife Francine and their five children ranging from 13 years down to 18 months. The 250 ha farm is situated in Moutoa (midway between Shannon and Foxton) where he milks just over 1000 Friesian cows producing around 500,000 kg MS annually.

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High yield maize ideal for small farm

Andrew & Robyn McLeod, Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, 2015/16 season

Water skiing and dairy farming might seem an odd combination but not for Andrew McLeod whose 127 ha farm is situated just a few kilometres south of beautiful Papamoa beach.

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Maize offers Mark flexibility and diversity

Mark Bernhard, Puketatua, Bay of Plenty, 2015/16 season

Mark Bernard is the kind of farmer who likes certainty in his life. When he engages in his favourite hobby of fishing he sets off from his farm near Puketatua and goes straight to the mussel farms off the coast of the Bay of Plenty. There he does what he calls “gathering in the snapper”, pretty much always coming home with a good feed. It is this same desire for a top result that drives him to use farming systems with proven outcomes.

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Maize silage is a low cost feed, the cows never refuse it and there is very little wastage

Kevin and Linda Davidson, Waipawa, Hawke's Bay, 2015/16 season

Summer holidays on a farm near Warkworth in the 1970’s sparked an interest which has led to a 34 year farming career for Hawke’s Bay farmer Kevin Davidson.

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Robust maize and amazing views make up for steep terrain

Luke Edwards, Maihiihi, Waikato, 2015/16 season

About 20 km inland from Otorohanga is the tiny settlement of Maihiihi which is home to Luke Edwards and his family. Luke is a 20% partner in his family's farm which he manages along with two full time staff. It consists of 220 ha of dairy, another 20 ha of pine, 12 ha for maize and some native bush.

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Maize silage is the most cost effective forage we can grow

Tim Montgomerie and Jo Brown, Rotorangi, Waikato, 2015/16 season

Waikato farmer Tim Montgomerie’s philosophy is to maximise pasture harvest and then use low cost supplements to fully feed his cows.

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Maize silage offers great insurance

Dave & Sue Forsythe, Te Awamutu, 2015/16 season

Maize silage is an integral part of a successful dairy farm system for David and Sue Forsythe. The couple, who milk a split-calving Friesian x Jersey herd on 185 hectares (eff) south of Te Awamutu, have been feeding maize silage for 22 years and are convinced of the crops benefits both as a quality supplement and as an important part of their pasture renewal programme.

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Maize silage and lucerne drive production

Mark & Kelsey Williams, Rolleston, Canterbury, 2014/15 season

Three seasons of dairying have delivered plenty of challenges for Canterbury couple Mark and Kelsey Williams and their children, Reeve (10) and Addison (7).

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Maize uses effluent, produces low cost feed

Karl & Rachel Picard, Okaiawa, Taranaki, 2014/15 season

On-farm maize growing allows Taranaki couple Karl and Rachel Picard to produce a high quality, low cost supplement while at the same time reducing the build-up of excessive soil nutrients.

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Profit from keeping costs down, production up

Tony & Louise Collingwood, Otorohanga, Waikato, 2014/15 season

Keeping costs down and production up is the key to Tony and Louise Collingwood's profitable dairy farm system.

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Maize produces high yields of safe feed

David & Raewyn, Jeremy & Lucy Bennett, Richmond Downs, Waikato, 2014/15 season

Over twenty years ago David & Raewyn Bennett purchased 90 ha of fertile rolling land at Richmond Downs, near Matamata.

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More maize silage, less milk fever

Scott & Leone Evans, Oxford, North Canterbury, 2013/14 season

Maize silage, hay and pasture form the basis for a diet which has seen the number of clinical milk fever cases in Scott and Leone Evans’ herd drop from 100-200 cows to less than 10 each year.

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From deer to contract growing maize

Alister & Lee McFadden, Canterbury, 2013/14 season

The last decade has been one of change for Canterbury farmers Alister and Lee McFadden with the transition of their 262 ha farm from deer to dairy support.

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Wintering barn brings peace of mind

Daniel & Penny Burgess, Studholme, South Canterbury, 2013/14 season

A 400-cow wintering barn is allowing South Canterbury farmers Daniel and Penny Burgess to keep their production up no matter what the weather brings.

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Maize delivering real benefits on the coast

Craig and Louise Fayen, Grey Valley, Greymouth, 2013/14 season

Maize silage is helping West Coast farmers Craig and Louise Fayen get their herd through to calving in top condition, delivering production, cow fertility and financial benefits.

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Maize secures feed supply

Nigel and Christine Morrison, Marlborough, 2013/14 season

A once-a-day dairy farm system has allowed Marlborough farmer Nigel Morrison the chance to pursue his other passion of running an agricultural contracting business which operates throughout one of the country’s most scenic regions.

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Simple diet delivers high per-cow production

Alastair Geary, Manutahi, Taranaki, 2013/14 season

A combination of irrigation, maize silage and split calving have helped south Taranaki farmer Alastair Geary increase production on his summer-dry south Taranaki farm. The 180 ha property located at Manutahi, midway between Hawera and Patea is managed by Alistair with assistance from variable order sharemilkers Nick and Anna Tretheway. In the 2012-13 season the 460 cow Friesian and Friesian-cross herd produced 218,000 kgMS (473 kgMS/cow and 1,211 kgMS/ha).

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Maize saves time, secures feed supply

Carl and Glennis Flintoff, Tomarata, Wellsford, 2013/14 season

The purchase of a 65 ha farm at Tomarata, east of Wellsford was the realisation of a lifetime dream for Northland farmers Carl and Glennis Flintoff. Now the couple are focused on profitably increasing per cow production.

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Contract maize growing delivers income + lifestyle

Murray Frith and Chrissie Ryder, Ohaupo, 2013/14 season

Contract growing maize has allowed Waikato couple Murray Frith and Chrissie Ryder to enjoy their rural lifestyle without the tie of milking cows.

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Taranaki farm generates high production + profit

Steve and Maria Poole, Hawera, 2013/14 season

A desire to always feed their cows well has led Taranaki farmers Steve and Maria Poole to develop a highly profitable pasture-based dairy system which is underpinned by 800 kgDM/ cow of Pioneer® brand maize silage.

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Maori Trust grows business, generates returns

Otanemutu Trust, Opape, 2013/14 season

Carryover cows play a significant role in lifting pasture quality and production on Bay of Plenty based Otanemutu Lands Trust dairy farm.

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Maize helps improve pasture on conversion farm

Chris and Sarah Clapcott, Piopio, 2013/14 season

Chris and Sarah Clapcott are enjoying the challenge provided by a recently converted King Country dairy farm.

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