Sourcing Maize

Maize silage - the supplement of choice

Proven and profitable maize silage continues to be the supplementary feed of choice for many New Zealand dairy farmers.

Keeping feed costs down is a key to farm profitability. This guide will help you plan the most cost-effective way to source your maize silage. It will also provide you with helpful information about other factors to consider when deciding whether to grow your own maize silage or buy it in.

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Maize silage sourcing options

Deciding the best way to source your maize silage is a complex decision. A large number of factors including likely pasture growth rates, maize silage crop yields, whether your maize silage crop can be grown in an effluent paddock or one that would benefit from pasture renewal as well as the maize silage buy-in price all need to be taken into consideration.

Your local Pioneer representative can give you sound technical advice on the best maize silage sourcing option for your farm. By using a number of tools including the maize silage sourcing calculator they can help you determine whether you should grow your own maize silage from seeds, buy it in or use a combination of sourcing methods.

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