Choosing the right Pioneer® brand maize hybrids for silage

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CRM 70

39V43 Graph 39V43 Seed bag tag

Taking maize to cooler climates 

Great option that delivers top yields in New Zealand’s cooler growing regions, where it has excellent early growth and fills the available growing season. 

The earliest hybrid, 39V43 grows into a surprisingly tall plant which produces silage with superb energy and digestibility.

Best used where P7524, 39G12 and P8000 are considered too late in maturity such as high altitude Central North Island, Taranaki, Lower North Island and
South Island.

39V43 Map


CRM 75

P7524 Graph P7524 Seed bag tag

Stands and delivers tonnes of

high energy feed

Growers recognise P7524 as a reliable hybrid producing impressive silage yields with high energy and digestibility.

P7524 combines strong drought tolerance and staygreen for a wide harvest window. It has striking appearance, being a very tall plant, with low ear placement and great standability.

Intermediate in maturity between 39V43 and 39G12, P7524 provides an exciting option for growers in New Zealand’s cooler high latitude or high altitude growing environments.

P7524 Map


CRM 78

39G12 Graph 39G12 Seed bag tag

Energy-packed Stalwart to Give

More Milk

A popular choice offering exceptional tonnage and energy in New Zealand’s cooler growing regions.

A tall hybrid with superior early growth and drought tolerance that delivers high quality, grain-dense silage.

Widely established in Lower North Island and South Island. Plant alongside 39V43, P7524 or P8000 depending on maturity requirements.

39G12 Map


CRM 80

P8000 Graph P8000 Seed bag tag

Versatile, widely adapted stunner.

delivers top, high energy, silage yields.

P8000 is tall, with low ear placement, strong roots and stalks for excellent eye appeal and improved standability in this maturity.

Growers will also note superior staygreen and Northern Leaf Blight resistance.

P8000 has a chunky cob with deep dent grain for the production of top yields of high starch content silage with great feed value.

Destined to be widely grown in Taranaki, Lower North Island and South Island, while providing an excellent balance of yield and earliness in northern growing regions.

Companion with P7524 and 39G12.

P8000 Map


CRM 88

P8805 Graph P8805 Seed bag tag

Hefty YIELDS RAIN or shine – makes

the most of every drop.

Tough hybrid providing growers with silage production stability. P8805 performs where water may be limited as well as under ideal conditions.

This new yield leader is intermediate in maturity between 39T45 and 38V12.

A relatively short hybrid delivering top yields of high grain content silage with exceptional digestibility characteristics.

Has excellent all round agronomics and a balanced disease resistance profile. Now a popular, widely adapted hybrid which can be grown from Northland, as a very early option, all the way to Canterbury as a fuller season product.

P8805 Map


CRM 91

38V12 Graph 38V12 Seed bag tag

Reliable Yields from Northland to


A well-known silage stalwart. Consistently delivers top-end yields, while maintaining comparative yield advantage in moderate to challenging environments.

An excellent early choice in warmer northern growing regions where it should be considered for the production of early feed or when late planting is necessary.

38V12 will form an important part of all normal planting dates from Taranaki, Manawatu and south into Canterbury. Position with P8805, P9241 and P9400 depending on maturity needs.

38V12 Map


CRM 92

P9241 Graph P9241 Seed bag tag

Reassuring all-rounder – built to

yield, bred to defend.


Early maturity Optimum AQUAmax® front runner with great appearance, exceptional all round agronomic profile, disease resistances and yield stability for silage and grain.

Moderately tall with low ear placement, good standability with the best combination of drought tolerance and staygreen.

P9241 is well adapted to all North Island growing regions where a hybrid of this maturity is required. Companion with P8805, 38V12 and P9400.

P9241 Map


CRM 94

P9400 Graph P9400 Seed bag tag

Stands Tall - Delivers Big Time.


A tall, dense plant producing high grain content silage with superior digestibility.

Strong agronomically with a sound disease resistance offering. Performs best in moderate to high yield environments, but also delivers in hot dry seasons.

The top yielding early option in Northland and Waikato, while giving stable yields in Taranaki and Lower North Island as a mid to full season hybrid. Intermediate in maturity between 38V12 and P9721.


P9400 Map


CRM 97

P9721 Graph P9721 Seed bag tag

Full of Energy for High Producing


Similar in type and maturity but delivers much higher silage yield than 37Y12.

P9721 offers a great all-round bundle of agronomic traits and wide adaptability. Undoubtedly produces high energy silage with outstanding digestibility characteristics.

Will be in strong demand as the high energy option in the mid-maturity zone in the Lower North Island or as an earlier option in the warmer regions to the north. Intermediate in maturity between P9400 and P9911.

P9721 Map


CRM 99

P9911 Graph P9911 Seed bag tag

Top Yielding, High Energy, Drought



A key maturity option in the Optimum AQUAmax® range providing growers more yield per drop – rain or shine! A tall showy hybrid with unmatched silage performance and yield stability.

A widely grown, impressive all-round hybrid, with top agronomics bundled with sound disease resistances. Combines the best of bulk and energy for maximum milk productivity. A much sought after partner to P0021 throughout the North Island.

P9911 Map


CRM 100

P0021 Graph P0021 Seed bag tag

Some Have It All - Top Yields For

Both Silage and Grain.

A relatively short plant producing impressive yields of quality silage with high grain content for maximum milk production.

Produces an eye-catching cob on plants with sound standability and staygreen together with top disease resistances.

Excellent option in moderate to high yield environments in Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki and Lower North Island.

A true companion to P9911 but may also be considered alongside P9721, which is earlier.

P0021 Map


CRM 106

P0640 Graph P0640 Seed bag tag

Leaf Disease Champion Delivering

Silage Yield Stability.

Combines excellent all-round agronomics with desirable leaf and ear rot disease resistances.

A tall plant with sound standability, staygreen and drought tolerance producing silage with superior energy content.

Provides yield stability in moderate to high yield environments from Northland to Waikato, Bay of Plenty and East Coast. Plant in companion with P9911, P0021, P0725 and P0891 depending on maturity requirements.

P0640 Map


CRM 106

P0791 Graph P0791 Seed bag tag

Northern Star - Full-season

Drought Warrior.

Optimum Aquamax

Optimum AQUAmax® delivers top of the line drought tolerance.

Produces a tall plant with a chunky cob delivering impressive yields of soft textured grain.

Excellent silage appeal is enhanced by superior drought tolerance and staygreen which contribute to yield stability and a wide harvest window. Plant in northern production areas through to Bay of Plenty and East Coast. Bred to perform in the dry yet competitive in moderate
to high yielding situations.

Companion with P0640, P0725 or P0891.

P0791 Map


CRM 107

P0725 Graph P0725 Seed bag tag

Great Performance With

Extraordinary Consistency.

Optimum Aquamax

Delivers exceptional yield stability for silage and grain in all warmer northern production regions.

Produces high grain content silage with excellent digestibility ratings that will drive milk production.

Optimum AQUAmax® drought tolerance provides resilience when it’s dry and yield responsiveness with favourable growing conditions.

Standability and notable staygreen provide a wide harvest window that contractors will appreciate. Companion with P0640, P0791 and P0891.

P0725 Map


CRM 107

P0891 Graph P0891 Seed bag tag

Pack Your Paddock - Then The



Delivers exceptional yield stability for silage and grain in all northern production regions.

Produces high starch content silage with excellent digestibility ratings.

The popular all-rounder with very good drought tolerance, standability and staygreen combined with sound resistance to Northern Leaf Blight.

Best suited to moderate to high yielding paddocks.

Well adapted to high plant populations that should be adjusted to match yield expectations.

Other hybrids to consider include P0640, P0725 and P0791.

P0891 Map


CRM 109

P1253 Graph P1253 Seed bag tag

Impressive Yield. Impressive Energy.

Impressive Hybrid.

Moderately tall, with low ear placement, sound standability and excellent staygreen.

P1253 is well adapted from moderate to high yield situations and should be planted early to optimise its performance opportunity.

Produces impressive yields of high grain content silage with superior energy and digestibility ratings.

Plant with P0891 and P0725 which are earlier or P1636 which is later.

P1253 Map


CRM 112

P1636 Graph P1636 Seed bag tag

Enjoy the Agronomics of This Top

Yielding, Energy Dense Plant.


Raises the agronomic standard in this maturity.

P1636 is a tall full maturity hybrid with top standability. Has a long cob for the production of high grain content silage.

Combines impressive agronomics, drought tolerance and staygreen that together provide a wide harvest window.

Plant early to maximise yields. P1636 is similar in type and maturity to 33M54, which it replaces. Is well adapted to all warmer northern growing regions.


P1636 Map


CRM 114

P1758 Graph P1758 Seed bag tag

Great standability, stable yields,

more grain, better silage.

A dependable late maturity hybrid with excellent standability and stable yield performance.

Plant early into high yielding paddocks to fully exploit the potential of this exciting new entrant. Sound drought tolerance, Northern Leaf Blight resistance and staygreen support a wide harvest window.

A compact, defensive hybrid for earlier plantings in full season situations in Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and down the East Coast to Northern Hawke’s Bay.

A great option where Northern Leaf Blight, lodging or yield stability are considerations. Companion with P1636.

P1758 Map

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM. These descriptions mainly feature product strengths. When choosing hybrids, also review carefully the trait ratings found in the table here. Contact your local Pioneer Area Manager or merchant representative for further advice.