Back Consider planting annual ryegrass or a winter crop

Date: 12 February 2016

Many farmers are considering slowing down their pasture renewal programme as a consequence of the low milksolids payout. One option to decrease costs while at the same time increasing winter and spring feed supply is to plant annual ryegrass or a winter crop in summer crop paddocks.

Annual ryegrass establishes quickly and provides high yields of quality drymatter. Winter crop options include crops which can be grazed multiple times (e.g oats) as well as single cut crop options including oats. Choose crop options carefully to ensure the feed can be harvested in time for maize planting in the spring.

Maize can be grown twice in high fertility paddocks (including those with a history of effluent application) without the need for additional fertiliser*. Second year crops can yield just as well as those grown in a paddock for the first time.

Maize is also a great option to follow crops like brassicas and fodder beet which do not perform well when planted twice in the same paddock.

If you would like to discuss the options for your cropping paddocks please contact your local merchant or talk to your local Pioneer representative. 


*Always soil test and apply nutrients as required