Benefits of Seed Treatment

Why use LumiGENTM SYSTEM Seed Treatment?

New Zealand research has shown that establishing a high maize plant population is critical for achieving maximum silage yields. Choosing the right insecticide treatment is the most important step in reducing the risk of insect or bird damage to seedling plants, thereby increasing crop yields and grower profitability.

The key benefits of insecticide treated maize seed are:

  • Precise amount of insecticide and fungicide applied to every seed.
  • Proven insecticides that reliably perform and protect your maize crop from insect attack.
  • Low insecticide dosage rate for minimal impact on the environment.
  • Maximum safety for the planting contractor.
  • Complete traceability.
  • Protection of Pioneer warranty & re-plant risk benefit.

Not all seed treatments are created equal

The LumiGENTM System Seed Treatment process uses a high performance continuous flow applicator to apply the right insecticides and fungicides along with proven seed polymers to your seed. The polymer coating locks the seed treatment onto the seed, reducing the risk of flaking and dust formation.

Inferior treatments are unevenly coated and do not stick firmly to the seed. This poses a risk to the planter operator, decreases planter performance and can reduce the effectiveness of insecticides and fungicides.