When compared to the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment (PPST) polymer, the LumiGEN treated seed with the new polymer saw a big difference in the planting results. There was a decrease in skips, multiple plantings and an increase in the singulation. See below how the new LumiGENTM System polymer gives plantability improvements.

New Polymer in LumiGEN treatment giving plantability improvements. 

Leaf Area

In the seed treatment trials run in January 2018, there was a difference in the leaf area of the maize treated with LumiGEN L-401 when compared to the old Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment (PPST) equivalent and a competitor seed treatment product. The results are below.

Plant Development

Through the trialing programme for LumiGENTM System seed treatment, the maize plant was monitored at multiple growth stages. When the plants got to the V3 stage of development, (see photos of the pots below), we compared the new LumiGENTM System treatment with the old Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment equivalent. As seen below in the photos, plants treated with the new LumiGENTM System have improved early root and root hair development.

Photos from pot trials completed in Waikato during 2017-2018 growing season.