Treatment Process

Pioneer's LumiGENTM System seed treatment is a stamp of approval guaranteeing growers that advanced technology & the greatest of care has been used to apply their seed treatment. This ensures Pioneer® brand seed has the greatest opportunity to achieve its maximum yield potential.

Quality seed treatment maximises crop yield and protects growers' maize seed investment. To carry the LumiGENTM System seed treatment stamp of approval, every bag of treated Pioneer® brand maize seed must meet the following stringent quality control standards:


1. Quality control

Compliance with Pioneer's global ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality control standards is at the forefront of all conditioning, grading and seed treating operations at our Gisborne production plant, ensuring you receive the best quality seed every time.

2. Precision application

Precision treating technology administers the precise required dose of seed treatment to each and every seed. Treatments are accurately and evenly applied using multiple applications, giving consistent chemical loading on every seed.


3. Advanced film coatings

The use of film coatings and advanced drying processes ensures all components of the treatment ingredients adhere to every seed, significantly reducing dust and improving planter operator safety.

4. Pioneer Warranty

For your protection every bag of Pioneer® brand seed is mechanically stitched closed with green and white bi-colour tamper proof string. This 'locks-in' the Pioneer warranty, the Pioneer replant risk benefit and guarantees the amount (80,000 kernels) and quality of seed in each and every bag.