The next generation of seed treatment. 

To maintain its position as New Zealand’s leading maize seed company, Pioneer® brand products strives to pass on the fruit of its cutting-edge research and development by providing its valued customers with products that are continuously improving.

With that in mind, Pioneer is proud to introduce its new seed treatment off ering, the LumiGEN™ System, a seed treatment system to be implemented across Pioneer brands globally. Pioneer here in New Zealand is now able to access seed treatment combinations which have been successful around the world – meaning its maize growers will have access to internationally recognised seed treatments for their own crop. Coupled with Pioneer’s world-class seed treatment application methods, which uses a high-performance, computer-controlled batch treating method, Pioneer customers will be hard-pressed to fi nd a more advanced seed treatment. The benefits of using insecticide-treated maize seed are well understood: it is the most important step in reducing the risk of insect damage to seedling plants, thereby increasing crop yields and grower profitability.

The LumiGEN™ System treatment ups the ante, incorporating a strain of Bacillus subtilis to aid in early root and root hair growth in early establishment.

The LumiGEN™ System treatment process not only applies a precise amount of insecticide and fungicide to every seed, it also applies proven seed polymers to your seed, securing the active ingredients to the seed and reducing the risk of flaking and dust formation, while enhancing seed flowability through the planting process.

Pioneer customers can rest easy knowing that seed treatment under the LumiGEN™ System will lay the foundation for a successful harvest, giving their crop the protection it needs at planting to help them achieve a high-yielding crop of excellent quality and improved profitability.


Seed Treatment Options

2017 Seed Treatment Used

LumiGENTM System Seed Treatment equivalent

Biological PromotantFungicide ProtectionInsecticide ProtectionBird Repellent
Standard Fungicide


L-202 (Grain Only)




L-302 (Grain Only)

Gaucho®* Plus L-301+

Poncho®* L-401



Poncho®* Plus L-401+



*Registered trademark of the Bayer Group.