Poncho®* insecticide treatment

Poncho®* is the standard seed insecticide treatment for maize. It controls all three major maize insect pests
(Argentine Stem Weevil, Black Beetle and Greasy Cutworm1) in a single treatment.

The key benefits of insecticide treated maize seed are:

  • Precise amount of insecticide applied to every seed.
  • Proven insecticide that reliably performs and protects your maize crop from insect attack.
  • Low insecticide dose rate for minimal impact on the environment.
  • Maximum safety for the planting contractor/operator.

By specifying Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment you can be 100% confident your Pioneer® brand maize seed
has the best possible chance to achieve its full yield potential.

Seed Treatment Options

Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment Options   Description   Pests Controlled
Withholding period

A clothianidin based
treatment designed to
control all three major
maize insect pests.

Argentine Stem Weevil
(ASW), Black Beetle &
Greasy Cutworm.

42 days 
Poncho®* Plus

Poncho®* & Mesurol®* Argentine Stem Weevil
(ASW), Black Beetle &
Greasy Cutworm and bird repellent.

60 days

An imidacloprid based treatment designed to control Argentine Stem Weevil (ASW) & Black Beetle.
Argentine Stem Weevil (ASW), Black Beetle. 42 days

A methiocarb based bird repellent designed to reduce the probability of feeding damage by birds.
 Bird repellent 60 days 
Standard fungicide  A fungicide which contains carboxin and thiram for the control of soil borne seed and seedling rot diseases including Fusarium  N/A  N/A

*Registered trademark of the Bayer Group.


Vitaflo® fungicide treatment

Vitaflo®2 is the industry standard fungicide treatment for the control of major seed and soil-borne seedling diseases in maize.

The key benefits of fungicide treated maize seed are:

  • Stimulates early seedling growth, increasing coleoptile length, resulting in faster emergence and better crop establishment.
  • Thiram controls diseases borne on the outside of the seed by providing a protective barrier around the seed.


* Registered trademark of the Bayer Group
1 Trial data supplied by the Bayer Group.
Registered Trademark of Uniroyal Chemical Company Inc., USA.