Farmer Profiles

SAMCO system breathes new life into southern supplementary feed

Brian & Sarah Michelle, Dunedin, 2018/19 season

Successful farmers often think outside the square in order to achieve results over and above the regional average – and that’s no different for Dunedin dairy farmers Brian and Sarah Michelle.

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SAMCO for higher quality maize

Bruce & Susan Turpie, Canterbury, 2018/19 season

A modern farmer succeeds by utilising new technology to work smarter, not harder, whilst maintaining high standards of cow and staff comfort and animal health and welfare.

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SAMCO System nurtures bumper maize crop at high altitude

Clark Peters Farms Ltd, Stratford, 2014/15 season

Growing a prolific maize crop at high altitude has become more of a certainty for Taranaki Dairy Farmer Ross Clark when using the SAMCO System to protect young plants.

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