The Samco System

How It Works

In a single pass the SAMCO 3-in-1 maize planting machine:

How Samco Works



Plants the Maize Seed.



Applies a Pre-Emergent



Lays an oxo-biodegradable Film.

The OXO-biodegradable and breathable film creates a greenhouse effect by keeping the young maize seedlings in a warm and humid environment for 4 - 6 weeks. During this time, plants are protected from late frosts and adverse weather while conserving soil moisture.

When the maize plant touches the film, the root system develops more rapidly and this helps to sustain the plant in the later growth stages. Gradually the plant breaks through the film and is on its way to producing a high yielding crop.


How to Get The Best Results

The SAMCO System is a complete method for establishing a successful maize crop and is based on four key elements:

  1. The SAMCO maize planting machine.
  2. Efficient weed control.
  3. SAMCO OXO-biodegradable film.
  4. Selecting the right Pioneer® brand maize silage hybrid.

To achieve the best results for growing Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed under the SAMCO System:

  1. Choose a flat or near flat paddock - square or rectangular crop areas are ideal.
  2. Spray out existing pasture several weeks prior to planting.
  3. Plough the paddock to bury the 'trash' and work the top to form a fine, even and clod-free seedbed.
  4. Soil test and apply the required fertiliser before final cultivation.
  5. The SAMCO planter works best in a seed bed which is 75 - 100 mm deep with a maximum clod size of
    30 mm.