SAMCO Growing and
Harvesting Cost Guide

Calculate your own growing & Harvesting Costs for the Coming Season using the 'My Costs' Column.

(exclusive of GST)
Average est. costs ($/ha) My costs ($/ha)
Growing costs Low Fertility High Fertility
My farm ($/ha)
Cost of leased land ? ?
Soil test, other 10 10
Spraying out pasture (incl. glyphosate) 70 70
Lime @ 2.5 t/ha + application 170 170
Low base & starter fertiliser 460
Cultivation1 360 360
Pioneer® brand P9911 maize seed @ 1.302 or 1.353 bags/ha 510 530
FAR maize seed levy ($7.2/80,000 kernels) @ 1.302 or 1.353 bags/ha 10 10
Seed insecticide treatment (Poncho®4) @ 1.302 or 1.353 bags/ha 145 150
SAMCO Planting + Film + Herbicide Application 904 904
Pre emergence weed control (herbicide) 90 90
Sidedress application 75
Sidedress nitrogen 130
Interest on maize expenditure (7 months @ 7%) 120 94
Total growing cost $3,054 $2,388

Harvest costs
Harvesting and stacking 1000 1000
Covering 165 165
Pioneer ® brand 11C33 maize specific inoculant 345 345
Total harvest cost $1,510 $1,510
Total growing and harvest costs $4,564 $3,898

1Cultivation costs will vary depending on soil types and land class.
2Low fertility.
3High fertility.
4Registered trademark of Bayer Group.


Costs to grow, harvest and store the crop are estimates only.
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A list of assumptions for the costs above can be found under the maize for silage growing and harvesting cost calculator.