Evenly spaced plants are the foundation for higher yields. Planting too many, unevenly spaced seeds causes intense competition between plants. Planting too few seeds and falling short of the optimum population limits yield potential.

To help growers maximise the return from their investment in Pioneer genetics and seed quality, the Pioneer team has for many years offered growers and contractors a test planter service for finger metering units. In recent seasons the testing service has been expanded with the addition of MeterMax® Ultra test planters which can calibrate a wide range of finger-picker planters as well as John Deere, Case IH, Kinze and Monosem vacuum metering units.

The seedPlanterCheckSM is simple to undertake from the back of the Pioneer Field Technician’s vehicle. A number of key steps are followed;

  • A visual inspection for wear is carried out on the rubber seals, disk and singulator.
  • The planting meter is mounted onto the MeterMax® Ultra test stand and filled with seed.
  • The vacuum gauge may also be attached for testing.
  • The ground speed, vacuum plate type and population are entered into the test planter.
  • The hopper is filled with seed and the stand uses advanced sensor technology to measure the planter unit performance, to improve and optimise planter efficiency.
  • Appropriate adjustments are made followed by retesting and further adjustment to ensure optimum performance.
  • On completion a print-out of the test results is provided.

Pioneer Field Technicians are scheduled to visit each growing region with the MeterMax® Ultra test planters during winter and early spring.


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