seedPlanterSettingsSM Results

To assist growers, Pioneer has offered planter operators a seedPlanterCheckSM service for many years.

This service has now been expanded to include a seedPlanterSettingsSM guide which enables planter operators to determine the correct settings for your planter, specific to your unique batch, seed size and Pioneer® brand maize hybrid. It also calculates your optimal planting speed.

The information provided in this calculator is determined by running each hybrid, batch and seed grade through a MeterMax®1 Ultra test planter based at the Pioneer Seed Production Plant in Gisborne. Planter setting guidelines are provided for a range of John Deere, Case IH, Kinze and Monosem vacuum metering units.

This calculator recommends vacuum, RPM, singulator and planting speed settings as a guide to preparing your planter to accurately deliver your selected seeding rates. Remember the planting of the optimum number of evenly spaced plants is the foundation of higher yields.

These planter settings should be considered as a guide only since;

  • every planter is different
  • and weather and seed bed conditions will have an influence.

As a result, the settings should be considered an important starting point for planter set-up. It will still be necessary to adjust the planter according to local conditions at planting time.

Please note the planter settings provided are based on Poncho®2 treated seed for each hybrid, batch and seed size.

To determine your planter settings and planting speed, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose your planter/meter type

Step 2: Choose your seed

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Your recommended planter settings

Vacuum settings


Singulator setting

Singulation %

Speed calculator

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  1. Tests are conducted at a standard population of 100,000, at the manufacturers recommended operating speed (8.5km/hr, except Monosem which is 6km/hr).
  2. Recommended speed is limited to 10km/hr, as speeds in excess introduce other factors which will play a larger role in planter performance.
  3. Theoretical planting speed is based on ideal seed bed conditions. Always reduce speed in poor quality seed beds.
  4. Tests are performed using Poncho® treated seed and Bayer Fluency Agent.
  5. Ensure your meter unit is in top condition by requesting a seedPlanterCheckSM.

The information in this calculator is intended for use as a guide only and should be used in conjunction with advice from your local Pioneer Representative. We do not accept any responsibility or liability (whether as a result of negligence or otherwise) for any loss of any kind that may arise from actions based on the contents or results of this calculator or otherwise in connection with the use of this calculator.

1 Registered trademark of Precision Planting INC.
2 Registered trademark of Bayer Group.