Summer Feed frequently asked questions

What is Bettagraze?

Bettagraze is a tall late flowering, late maturing hybrid (sorghum x sudan hybrid) grown for high quality, high yielding summer feed for grazing in dairy, beef and sheep systems, and also for silage .

Rapid early growth, quick recovery after grazing or cutting along with delayed flowering means Bettagraze is a versatile, easy to manage summer feed. High sugar content, fine stems and a high leaf to stem ratio ensure excellent palatability and feed value.

Bettagraze seed is available with bird repellent for an extra charge. This will reduce the risk of crop establishment problems due to bird damage of seedling crops.

What is the best timing in order to maximize utilisation of Bettagraze?

Bettagraze feed value is highest when the crop is less than 1.2 m in height. Graze Bettagraze behind a wire or cut it 35-45 days after planting when the crop reaches around 1 metre in height. Leave a residual of 15 cm for maximum regrowth. Recut or graze after 4-5 weeks when the crop is at least 0.8 m and no more than 1.2 m in height.

What are my feeding options for Bettagraze?


Bettagraze can be grazed by break feeding to stock. Back-fencing is essential to minimise plant damage and allow quick re-growth in the grazed portion of the crop and to avoid crop toxicity.


Bettagraze can be made into pit, bunker or round bale silage. It is always recommended to cut using a mower-conditioner and wilt in the paddock for a maximum of 48 hours.