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2024 Replant Policy - Hybrid Maize

2024 Replant Policy - Hybrid Maize

GTL will provide full replacement seed at no cost for the affected Pioneer brand hybrid maize seed for the grower to replant if the below conditions have been met:

1. A grower has ordered Pioneer brand hybrid maize seed before 5pm on Friday 31st July 2024 in accordance with these terms and conditions,

2. the grower has planted that Pioneer brand hybrid maize seed during Spring 2024,

3. within two months of the date of planting, the grower notifies GTL that their Pioneer brand hybrid maize crop needs replanting,

4. the affected area is assessed as requiring replanting by a Pioneer representative, and

5. the grower replants Pioneer brand hybrid maize seed for harvesting in 2025 and the decision to replant is approved by a Pioneer representative.

6. 50% replant cover applies for any orders placed after the 31st of July 2024.

Additionally, the below guidelines apply:

7. If the seed cannot be replanted in time for harvesting in 2025 the seed is to be returned to Pioneer. No seed to be carried over for next season’s planting.

8. All replant seed must be provided directly by GTL to be covered in the replant policy. GTL is unable to credit seed where a customer or merchant have used seed on hand for a replant.

9. If the replant request is due to bird damage, 100% replant cover applies where the originally planted seed was seed treated with bird repellent. Only 50% replant cover applies if the originally planted seed had not been treated with bird repellent.

10. 100% replant cover applies if there is a change in hybrid between originally ordered seed and seed requested for replant. The requested hybrid seed for replant is dependent on the availability of treated seed at the time of the request.

11. Only one replant request can be accepted per planted paddock.

12. 50% replant cover applies if the seed requested for replant is of a higher treatment option than the originally ordered seed (i.e. originally ordered seed was L200 treatment, replant seed requested is L400 treatment). 

Click the link to find your local Pioneer Area Manager: Find your local Pioneer rep - Pioneer