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Seed Treatment

Giving your maize a head start

Maximise your crop's yield potential with Pioneer's exclusive LumiGEN™ seed treatment recipes which have been tested and proven for use on Pioneer® brand maize hybrids. You can plant with confidence knowing your seed and seedlings have advanced protection against pests, disease, and uncertain soil conditions during the critical early growth period. 

LumiGEN™ seed treatments are available to:

1. Protect your maize from diseases

Our seed treatment recipe includes fungicides which provide robust protection against a range of seed and soil borne diseases in maize, such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium.

2. Protect seedlings from insect damage

We offer several insecticides options which provide protection against the most common NZ maize pests – Argentine stem weevil, greasy cutworm, black beetle, and nematodes.

3. Keep birds away from your seed

A scientifically formulated non-lethal bird repellent stops birds from eating newly planted maize seed. This unique formulation is based on an organic chemical found in a number of plants, including aloe vera and rhubarb. Each kernel is surrounded with a protective coating that causes birds immediate, yet temporary, digestive discomfort.

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