Genetic Technologies Limited


96 years of hybrid seed innovation

Pioneer has one of the best germplasm libraries in agriculture & that means top-performing seed choices to fit the way you farm. Pioneer brought you the first commercial hybrid seed corn in 1926 and globally we continually innovate to push the limits of what’s possible and give New Zealand farmers the hybrids they need to succeed.

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Global resources, local team

When you work with your local Pioneer team, you gain a hardworking partner that knows your region. Count on our team to be there throughout the season, every season, working directly with you and for you. The ‘Long Look’ promise remains at the heart of the Pioneer brand and makes honesty and fairness the bedrock of our relationships.

Pioneering science

Scientific advances in all kinds of disciplines have allowed us to innovate in new, faster ways—with genetics, traits and seed treatments, to bring new products to growers faster than ever before. We can take a wider view of your farm as a business, and all the complexities involved in running it - digital, financial, production, sales, and sustainability management. So, you can make all the parts of your farm business work together in ways only imagined a few years ago.

R&D drives innovation

The quest for higher-yielding, more resilient, higher-value traits, products and services is never ending at Pioneer.  In 1926, the average corn yield in the U.S. was 1.7 t/ha. In 2017, it was 11.9 t/ha in 2017. Yields in the Pioneer New Zealand maize grain research programme have increased 35% over the past three decades.

Our research has helped growers push this average on farm and we aim to continue to bring new genetics and testing to new heights here in New Zealnd.