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Feed for Thought - Season 1

In Season 1 of Feed for Thought with Ian Williams, Wade Bell, and Matt Dalley, the team share in-depth information on technical and farm systems topics.

The goal being to keep the information practical and relevant to farmers, and we hope to prompt thoughts, discussions, and actions that improve the profitability and sustainability of farming and give you some “Feed for Thought.”

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Season 1 Episodes

Episode 26: The future of farming with Ian Williams

In Ian's final episode on the show, the team challenge him with the question of what the future of the industry looks like. Ian covers topics around future farm systems, government regulations, and what farming may look like in the future.

Episode 25: 25 years of Farm Systems with Ian Williams

With retirement on the horizon for Ian Williams, the boys caught up to yarn about what Ian has seen in the past 25 years of his career, winding back to farm systems in 1999 and how they have changed and developed over time.

This is the first episode of two that pay a special tribute to Ian Williams and his long-standing service to Pioneer. Tune back next week to hear what Ian has to say about where he sees the future of the New Zealand agriculture industry heading.

Episode 24: Surfing for Farmers and Mental Wellness

In this episode, Ian Williams caught up with Matte Kirk to discuss how planting has rolled out over the country and the actions they're each taking to keep their top paddock in check this busy festive season. The boys also chat about Surfing for Farmers, which offers a unique opportunity for New Zealand farmers to take a break from their all-consuming businesses and engage in outdoor activities, enjoy fresh air, exercise, and connect with fellow farmers, rural families, and industry professionals. If you're keen to find out more visit, Surfing for Farmers.

Episode 23: Future Farm Systems with Hamish Gow - Part 2

In this episode, Hamish Gow and the team expand on the points made in part 1 and delve into the topic of global value chains and trade. This episode provides insights and take-home points around the transition from a rules-based trade to values-based trade and where we are heading within New Zealand farming.

Episode 22: Future Farm Systems with Hamish Gow - Part 1

In this episode, the boys catch up with Hamish Gow and talk about the future of NZ Farming systems. Hamish is the Sir Graeme Harrison Professorial Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade at Lincoln University. They touch on how New Zealand agriculture has changed over time and what the future may look like. 

Episode 21: Maize planting window

Tune in to this episode, where the team discuss the maize planting window.  They cover the key points around hybrid maturity options, yield potential of shorter maturity hybrids, other crop options to fit different farm systems and the impact of getting pasture back in on time at the other end of the maize season.

Episode 20: Gaining higher maize yields - part 2

In this episode, Professor Fred Below expands on the points made in part 1. Fred nails down the things farmers can do to close the yield gap and take advantage of the yield potential of todays hybrids.

Episode 19: Gaining higher maize yields - part 1

Earlier this year, Ian Williams welcomed Professor Fred Below from the University of Illinois and Dr. Rowland Tsimba, Pioneer's National Research & Agronomy Manager, to discuss the best crop management practices growers can implement to gain higher yields and how maize genetic potential has developed over time.

Episode 18: Unpacking maize growing costs

A common question the team are hearing coming into spring is "where can I trim my costs without compromising production for the season?". In this episode, the team welcome Regional Manager, Dave McDonald onto the podcast to unpack line by line the maize growing costs.

Episode 17: An insight into Australian Contractors

In this episode, Wade and Matt catch up with two contractors from across the ditch, Daniel Rethus from Rethus Contracting and Hayden Bowden from Bowdens Contracting in Eastern Australia, to chat about crops they plant and harvest, potential yields and an insight into how strip tillage benefits their customers.

Episode 16: How to navigate a drop in payout

With the recent drop in forecast payout from Fonterra, the boys caught up to discuss some key considerations to help navigate the season ahead. 

Episode 15: The grain market with Hamish Johnstone

In this episode, Ian and Wade welcome Pioneer's National Grain Account Manager, Hamish Johnstone, onto the podcast to cover all things maize grain. The team cover the international and local grain markets, the opportunities of maize grain and how it can fit into a dairy system.

Episode 14: Should you change your system?

One question we are hearing a lot recently is, 'Should we stick with the dairy system we've got, or should we change?'. In this episode, Ian and Wade discuss the important factors farmers should consider across all dairy systems. 

Episode 13: Mental Health with Rural Support Trust

"You can only control the controllables". Off the back of a tough season, Ian Williams and Matte Kirk sit down with Mike Green from Rural Support Trust to discuss the vital role that Rural Support Trust plays within the agriculture community plus provide tips and tricks for maintaining and building yours and your team's mental health. 

Episode 12: Excess feed on farm

Tune in to this episode where Wade announces the winner of our Fielday's competition, and our Farm System Specialists unpack the topic around excess feed on farm. 

Episode 11: Maize in the South Island

Matt, Ian and Wade catch up to discuss the maize market in the South Island. They touch on some of the reasons why maize usage has increased in the South Island over the past few years.

Episode 10: Higher than normal empty rates 

In this episode, the boys sit down to discuss and unpack why this year we have seen higher than normal empty rates. Tune in to hear Wade and Ian's tips and tricks to help boost submission and conception rates this coming spring.

Episode 9: Environmental considerations when growing maize

In this episode, the boys sit down to discuss and unpack why this year we have seen higher than normal empty rates. Tune in to hear Wade and Ian's tips and tricks to help boost submission and conception rates this coming spring.

Episode 8: The great debate to grow on farm vs buy in?

In this episode Ian and Wade go toe to toe on whether growing maize on farm or buying it in is the most economic option. Both the boys gave some thought-provoking points, listen in to see what may suit your system best. 

Episode 7: Controlling feed costs - Does the 5% rule still apply?

With rising feed and farm working costs, the Farm Systems team caught up to discuss whether the 5% rule still applies when it comes to costing in the 'need for feed'.

Episode 6: Dry off or milk on?

Tune in to the latest episode of Feed for Thought where Ian and Wade consider the options around drying off or milking on. 

Episode 5: Maize Harvest

In this episode Ian and Wade are joined by Shaun Body Pioneer's portfolio manager. The boys cover everything from planning to harvest and stack management. 

Episode 4: How much protein do you need in summer?

In this episode the team discuss feeding protein in summer, understanding how much protein a cow requires in their diet during mid-lactation, and the feed options available if you're short of protein. 

Episode 3: Flood and wind damaged crops

In light of the severe weather events cause by cyclone Gabrielle Ian Williams sat down with Rowland Tsimba to discuss the impacts on maize crops and some key things to consider when assessing damaged crops. We recognise that this has been a stressful time, in fact a stressful season for farmers. If you need any assistance in terms of managing impacted maize crops, reworking feed plans or even just someone to talk to, give your local rep a call. 

Episode 2: How do you spot and plan for a summer feed deficit?

Tune in to this episode of Feed for Thought with our Farm Systems team as they discuss the reactive and proactive approaches to a summer feed deficit.

Episode 1: Introducing Pioneers Podcast

In this episode spend some time getting to know hosts Ian Williams, Wade Bell and Matt Dalley as they cover their background in the industry and the ins and outs of the Feed for Thought series.