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Farmer Stories

In the Feed for Thought farmer stories series, Wade Bell and Matt Dalley pull up chairs next to farmers from around the country to delve into deep-rooted discussions around sustainability, regulations, farm systems and much more.

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Farmer Stories

Sowing seeds of change in farming practices with David Wordsworth

In an episode packed with technological advancements, adaptive strategies, and a love for the agriculture industry, join Wade and Hamish as they sit down with David Wordsworth, Northland maize grain grower and cover of our 2024 grain catalogue. 

David shares the family's journey from dairy and beef farming to introducing maize into the grain industry in the 1970s. The team discusses the growth of Grain Co, which has become a symbol of self-sufficiency by reducing transport costs and supporting dairy farms with locally grown kibble maize and calf meal. We'll delve into the transition from full cultivation to the innovative no-till approach that has boosted soil health and challenged conventional beliefs around yield. 

Balancing tradition and innovation for sustainable agribusiness with Jenna Smith

From dairying in Otago to the Chief Executive of Pouarua Farms, an iwi-owned 2200-hectare operation in the Hauraki Plains, Jenna Smith, the cover of our 2024 Maize Silage catalogue, joins Wade and Brent Bishop, Upper North Island Regional Manager, to recount her remarkable journey. 

This episode covers the details of farming on peatlands into the larger narrative of ecological stewardship. The evolution of a 2200-hectare farm as it shifts from traditional animal husbandry to pioneering dairy practices, beef finishing, blueberry orchards and maize silage and grain operations. Jenna discusses the proactive strategies for peatland management and the exciting research initiatives on deck. 

Cultivating a Legacy of Sustainable Dairy and Beef Production with Adrian Ball

Join Wade and Matt as they sit down with Adrian Ball to the delve into the story of the Ball family's Waikato farm that's seen transformation from traditional cattle grazing to a beacon of dairy and beef production excellence.

 You'll hear how success isn't just counted in output but in the wellbeing of staff, the welfare of animals, and the stewardship of the environment. The team get into a deep-rooted discussion on dairy-derived beef, the farm as an enjoyable workplace, and the forward-thinking strategies ensuring profitability goes hand in hand with sustainability.

Creating progression pathways with John Numan and Brian Basi

Joining Matt and Wade in our latest episode are Waikato-based John Numan, farm owner and Brian Basi, herd-owning share milker. Together, they explain how they develop and maintain a strong owner-share-milker relationship and share some of the farm systems and business fundamentals that support their businesses to achieve the goals of both parties.

Farming, governance and challenging regulation with Roger Dalrymple of Waitatapia Farming

Welcome to Season 2 of Feed for Thought; kicking off the new season is our first farmer story with Roger Dalrymple of Waitatapia Farming.

In this episode, Roger shares how the family business has developed over the years from lupin-dominated, low-intensive farming to a diverse enterprise. Farming dairy, forestry, vegetables, and everything in between, the Dalrymple's have navigated the highs and lows of farming with resilience and innovation. Roger has been an integral part of the Rangitikei Rivers Catchment Collective and shares with us the importance of catchment groups and the positive impact they have.