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A tried-and-tested favourite

Pioneer® brand 54V09 was first introduced to the New Zealand market in 2010 and is back by popular demand. Trusted by growers, it offers an excellent disease resistant package alongside superior relative forage quality. When it comes to yield and stand life, it’s hard to go past 54V09.

Disease resistance profiles

PIO156 Lucerne_1376 width_v1.jpg 

LumiGEN™ seed coating

Pioneer’s move to LumiGEN™ seed treatment globally means we can now offer our lucerne varieties under this system. The benefit of this 25% build treatment is to protect the seedling from fungal disease during its establishment phase and to introduce essential nitrogen fixing rhizobia to the seed.

There are four key benefits when using Pioneer’s unique LumiGEN™ lucerne seed coating technology.

  1. Four stage layering to ensure excellent seedling establishment and nodulation of every plant
  2. Patented seed drying process providing assurance of high Rhizobium levels on every seed
  3. Excellent product stability – guaranteed Rhizobium shelf life of two years from coating
  4. Superior seed adhesion with minimal dust, making planting easier, healthier and more accurate