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2023 Early Order Promotion

2023 Early Order Promotion

Order any Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed before the Monday 31st July 2023 to recieve the following benefits.

  1. Hybrids will be allocated to first in first serve basis when a customer places a seed order with a merchant during the early order promotion.
  2. Customers who place a seed order during the early order promotion will have the benefits of 100% replant policy is there is a crop failure within 2 months of planting. 

100% Seed Replant Terms & Conditions

Subject to the conditions below, if:

  1. a grower has ordered Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed before 5pm on Monday 31st July 2023 in accordance with these terms and conditions,
  2. the grower has planted that Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed during Spring 2023,
  3. within two months of the date of planting, the grower notifies GTL that their Pioneer® brand hybrid maize crop needs replanting,
  4. the affected area is assessed as requiring replanting by a Pioneer representative, and
  5. the grower replants Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed for harvesting in 2024 and the decision to replant is approved by a Pioneer representative,
  6. 50% replant cover for any orders placed after the 31st of July 2023
  7. GTL is unable to credit seed where a customer or merchant has used seed on hand for a replant. All replant seed must be provided directly by GTL to be covered under the replant policy

GTL will provide full replacement seed at no cost for the affected Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed for the grower to replant.

Click the link to find your local Pioneer Area Manager: Find your local Pioneer rep - Pioneer