History - as told by company founder
Philip Yates

Genetic Technologies Limited established 1986
by Philip Yates


After leaving Yates I came to the conclusion at age 53 that the only realistic outcome was to start my own business. A new seed company seemed the natural follow on, and in 1986 Genetic Technologies Limited was formed with the specific purpose of building the Pioneer seed brand in this country.

After the Equiticorp debacle I was offered the Pioneer representation. When the importing of hybrid maize seed proved non commercially viable (a result of sub standard quality and supply issues), the decision was made to build a specialist maize seed production plant in Gisborne.

Genetic Technologies Limited today remains a Yates family business. My only son William Yates (born 1965) now leads the management team. William holds to all the traditional family business values which have been preserved over the last 223 years in the seed business.