Pioneer® Brand 54V09 Lucerne


54V09 is a high yielding 4 dormant* variety with exceptional field appearance and superior relative feed quality. 54V09 combines excellent winter-hardiness with a superb disease resistance package that includes high resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot, Verticillium Wilt, Bacterial Wilt and Stem Nematode. Suitable for grazing, silage or hay.


Disease Ratings

Forage yield 9 Key


1 = Poor, 9 = Excellent - Based on Pioneer research
comparisons with other Pioneer® brand lucerne


Disease resistance profiles


HR = Highly resistant (more than 50% resistant plants)
R = Resistant (31% to 50% resistant plants)
MR = Moderately resistant (16% to 30% resistant plants)
LR = Low resistant (6% to 15% resistant plants)
S = Susceptible (up to 5% resistant plants)



Ratings based on both Pioneer Agronomists and Research Scientists field observations.


 *Dormancy: Higher dormancy ratings indicate greater autumn growth.

Field appearance 9
Relative forage quality 7             
Phytophthora Root Rot HR
Verticillium Wilt HR
Bacterial Wilt HR
Fusarium Wilt R
Stem Nematode HR
Spotted Alfalfa Aphid  R
Pea Aphid HR