Pioneer Brand Lucerne 55v50

NEW Pioneer® Brand 55V50 Lucerne 


55V50 is a new 5 dormant* variety with exceptional field appearance and superior relative feed quality. 55V50 has high resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot, Verticillium Wilt and Bacterial Wilt. Fast recovery after cutting makes 55V50 lucerne seed an excellent option for hay and silage producers as well as livestock farmers who plan to graze their stands.


Disease Ratings

Forage yield 9 Key


1 = Poor, 9 = Excellent - Based on Pioneer research
comparisons with other Pioneer® brand lucerne


Disease resistance profiles


HR = Highly resistant (more than 50% resistant plants)
R = Resistant (31% to 50% resistant plants)
MR = Moderately resistant (16% to 30% resistant plants)
LR = Low resistant (6% to 15% resistant plants)
S = Susceptible (up to 5% resistant plants)



Ratings based on both Pioneer Agronomists and Research Scientists field observations.


 *Dormancy: Higher dormancy ratings indicate greater autumn growth.

Field appearance 9
Relative forage quality 7
Phytophthora Root Rot HR
Verticillium Wilt HR
Bacterial Wilt HR
Fusarium Wilt R
Stem Nematode R
Spotted Alfalfa Aphid  R
Pea Aphid R