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Maize for Grain Economics

The economics of growing maize for grain are dependent on growing costs, crop yield and the price received per tonne of grain ($/tonne).

As a guide, the approximate fixed and variable costs to grow maize for grain are shown in this table. Please contact your local Grain Merchant Representative or contractor to establish current costs.

Table 1: Indicative Maize for Grain Costs of Production for the 2021-22 season

Use the 'My costs' column to determine your costs based on the estimates provided.

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    Indicative costs
My costs
Soil test, other 10
Base: Lime @ 1 t/ha + application 100
Base fertiliser: 300 kg/ha + application 240
Cultivation: To planting specifications 380
Pioneer® brand maize seed P0640 @ 94,000/ha 470
FAR levy ($1.00/10,000 kernels @ 94,000/ha) 10
L-400 seed insecticide treatment 130
Starter fertiliser: 250 kg/ha DAP + application 250
Planting 180
Pre-emergence weed control 60
Post-emergence weed control 90
Side dressing: 250 kg/ha urea + application 240
Spraying: Two applications 90
  Harvest: Combine 400
  Total input costs per hectare $2,650
  Interest on input costs excluding harvest
  Interest rate 5%
  Interest on $2,250 @ 5% for 8 months $70
Total costs (inputs & interest) $2,720

Tonnes per hectare - DRY (@ 14% moisture)
Tonnes per hectare - WET
Cartage and drying costs
Cartage cost per wet tonne ($)
Cartage: 50 km @ $20 per wet tonne
Drying costs per wet tonne ($)
Drying: (from 22% - 14%) @ $41 per wet tonne
Total drying costs per hectare
Cost summary 10.5 t/ha DRY 11.5 t/ha DRY 12.5 t/ha DRY 13.5 t/ha DRY 14.5 t/ha DRY
Input costs
Interest (on input costs)
Drying costs / cartage costs
Total costs
Tonnes per hectare - DRY
Indicative price per tonne - 2021 harvest
Total gross revenue per hectare
Net margin per hectare


  1. Costs to grow, harvest, transport and dry the crop are estimates only.
  2. Medium yield growing environment where 94,000 seeds of hybrid P0640 are planted per hectare.
  3. Wet (harvest) moisture content of 22%.
  4. Costs are estimates based on a sample of contractor rates, other typical industry charges and product costs. All costs exclude GST and were indicative at 30 April 2021.

The information in this calculator is general in nature and is not intended to be a representation of actual costs. We do not accept any responsibility or liability (whether as a result of negligence or otherwise) for any loss of any kind that may arise from actions based on the contents of this calculator or otherwise in connection with the use of this calculator.