Back High quality, evenly planted seeds deliver top yields

Date: 14 April 2016

Planting high quality seed of the right hybrid is proven to produce a high-density, high yielding maize crop.

The starting point is to choose the right seed in the first place and here the choice is clear. Pioneer® brand maize seed is the highest quality seed available to New Zealand farmers. Attention to quality at every step of the seed production process sets Pioneer seed apart. High quality parent seed that has proven genetic traits is used to produce hybrids which deliver maximum yield. All New Zealand grown Pioneer® brand hybrid maize seed is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds Pioneer’s global industry-leading stringent standards for vigour, germination and genetic purity.

Seed Treatment

From the moment seed is planted it comes under attack from soil-borne fungi, insects and sometimes birds. So why does Pioneer maize seed deliver the best results? A big part is due to our new world-class Seed Treatment
facility located in Gisborne, which was commissioned in 2015.


All Pioneer maize seed comes with a standard fungicide coating. Growers can then choose from a range of additional seed treatment options which combat pests including Argentine Stem Weevil, Black Beetle, Greasy Cutworm and birds.


Quality polymers applied by a state-of-the-art seed treater followed by an advanced drying process ensure the treatment adheres to the seed minimising dust and improving planter operator safety.


To carry the Pioneer Premium Seed Treatment® stamp of approval, every bag of treated Pioneer® brand maize seed must comply with Pioneer’s globally accredited ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. This guarantees all conditioning, grading and seed treating operations are carried out to the highest industry-leading specifications.


For your protection every bag of Pioneer®; brand maize seed is mechanically stitched closed with green and white bi-colour tamper proof string. This “locks in” the Pioneer warranty and 50% Replant Risk Cover and guarantees there is a minimum of 80,000 kernels in every bag. 

*If the bag has been opened and treated by a third party the Pioneer warranty and Replant Risk Cover will be void. 

Seed Sizing and Plantability

Maize seeds come in five categories depending on where it has grown on the maize cob. Small rounds come from the tip, medium rounds and flats from the middle, and large rounds and flats come from the base. Whilst there are no significant differences in the germination or vigour rates between seed sizes, planters should be adjusted to accurately plant the available seed size. Well-maintained and calibrated planting equipment that has been adjusted to the correct settings can efficiently plant any size or shape of seed.

Seed Planter CheckSM

High-yielding maize crops can be achieved from any grade of Pioneer® brand seed provided due care and attention is given to planter maintenance, settings and ground speed. 

Evenly spaced plants are the foundation for higher yields.

Seeds that are planted too close together because of uneven spacing cause competition between the plants resulting in lower yields. On the other hand, planting too few seeds means the optimum population for the paddock is not achieved. To help maximise the return from your investment in Pioneer genetics and seed quality, the Pioneer team uses MeterMax® diagnostic equipment to optimise a range of planter brands and models including John Deere, Kinze, Case IH and Monosem to improve planter performance and accuracy. Pioneer Technicians visit each growing region with the MeterMax® test planter unit to conduct Seed Planter ChecksSM during winter and early spring. Not only does this help growers achieve maximum yields, it also reduces the risk of delays caused by mechanical break-downs. Contact your local Pioneer representative if you would like to organise a Seed Planter CheckSM.

Seed Planter SettingsSM online guide

Pioneer® brand products now offers an online Seed Planter SettingsSM guide. This enables planter operators to determine the correct planter settings and speed from your computer or mobile phone. These settings are unique and specific to every individual batch and seed size of Pioneer® brand maize seed. The information provided by this online tool, determined by running each hybrid, batch and seed size through a MeterMax®1 test planter, provides vacuum, RPM, singulator and planting speed settings for John Deere, Case IH, Kinze and Monosem vacuum metering units. While it may be necessary to adjust the planter according to local conditions at planting time, calibrating planter settings to best suit specific seed batch recommendations should be considered an important starting point for planter set-up.

Planting the optimum number of evenly spaced plants is the foundation for higher yields.